God and Uncle Dale

God and Uncle Dale

From the perspective of the common man of the world, 1960 was the best of times — politically, socially, financially, and spiritually. From the Christian perspective, it was a time of catastrophe — so many people were losing their convictions and their faith. The world and the church were traveling away from God at a breathtaking pace. But the world was so fascinating that few worried about the Christian perspective.

Dale and Sheila symbolize dozens of youth in many different times and places who were caught in the vortex of spiritually declining churches. By God’s grace, some found their way, but many succumbed to the pressure. Live the difficult experiences with Dale and the others to gain a new appreciation for the church and her leaders who stood for the truth and righteousness then, as well as for those who still stand today.

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ISBN: 9780739923627   •   Author: Lester Bauman   •   Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers

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