Grade Two

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Bible Nurture and Reader Series
Grade 2

The Readers, Reading Workbooks, and Phonics Workbooks compose Grade 2 of the Bible Nurture and Reader Series. Each of these divisions is arranged in 5 units with 30 lessons in each unit, making a total of 150 lessons. All the lessons are based on Bible stories.

Grade 2 reviews and expands what was taught in first grade, placing a strong emphasis on phonics.


Units 1-3
Units 4,5
  Stories About God's People
More Stories About God's People

The first unit reviews the stories from Genesis studied in Grade 1. Units 2-4 continue the Old Testament stories from the bondage in Egypt to the death of King Saul. Unit 5 consists of stories about Jesus, taken from the Gospel of Mark.

Reading Workbooks
There are 5 separate workbooks, 1 for each unit. The exercises are closely associated with the corresponding lessons in the readers. All the workbooks include practice with vocabulary words, comprehension skill, sentence making, etc. A test is included at the end of each unit.

Phonics Workbooks
The 3 phonics workbooks consist of Unit 1, Units 2 and 3, and Units 4 and 5. These lessons are not closely associated with the reader, yet it is advantageous for the child to do the corresponding lessons in the reader, the reading workbook, and the phonics workbook each day. A test is included for each unit.

Teacher's Manuals
The reading and phonics teacher's manuals each contain Units 1-5. They give many helpful pointers for teaching each lessons, exercises for oral drill and extra practice, besides the answer keys for the workbooks.


11201.3 Reader, Units 1-3   $12.25
11204.3 Reader, Units 4,5   $11.50

[Stories About God's People]   [More Stories About God's People]

11211.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 1   $4.60
11212.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 2   $4.60
11213.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 3   $5.50
11214.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 4   $5.50
11215.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 5   $5.50

11221.3 Phonics Workbook, Unit 1   $3.25
11222.3 Phonics Workbook, Units 2,3   $4.75
11224.3 Phonics Workbook, Units 4,5   $4.75

11291.3 Reading Teacher's Manual   $10.50
11292.3 Phonics Teacher's Manual   $7.50

Developing Reading Comprehension
(Lower Grades)

This series of wordbooks has been written as a help to improve silent leading comprehension in lower-age-level students. Older students, in isolated situations, will be able to benefit from the course as well. The course is designed for children who have completed at least six weeks of instruction in phonics.

Book One Scope:

Book One combines the principles of (1) sound recognition, (2) adherence to specified directions, and (3) simple recall, which are the first essentials for developing reading comprehension.

Unit 1, "Recognizing Sounds," is designed to train children to master the use of phonetic sounds to identify words.

Unit 2, "Following Directions," trains the student to pay attention to detail and to carry out instructions accurately, a discipline essential in every school subject.

Book Two Scope:

The two units of this book are not dependent upon Book One, but to do this work, the students must have a good understanding of phonetic symbols, be able to follow directions, and have simple recall ability.

Unit 3, "Learning to Remember Details," builds on Units 1 and 2 and requires that the students lead the short selections provided and indicate the correct multiple-choice answers. The complexity of the questions increases from the beginning to the end of the unit.

Unit 4, "Reading With Understanding," is the most challenging and advanced section of the course. Story selections are longer and more complex. Answers are not multiple choice but are to be recalled completely from memory.

The teacher's edition is a pupil's workbook with the answers filled in.

Reading Comprehension

11181 Book 1, Pupil's Workbook   $6.40
11189 Book 1, Teacher's Edition   $7.50

11281 Book 2, Pupil's Workbook   $5.30
11289 Book 2, Teacher's Edition   $6.30

Working Arithmetic
Grade 2

The 170 lessons in this grade are bound in 5 workbooks with tear-out pages. Unit 1 reviews addition and subtraction facts through 10 and other skills taught in Grade 1; Unit 2 teaches all the addition and subtraction facts for 11; Unit 3, the 12's and 13's and carrying and borrowing; Unit 4, the 14's and 15's; and Unit 5, the 16's--18's. Continuous review is built into the lessons and simple reading problems are practiced frequently. Speed drills are included in the workbooks. Money, time and measures are reviewed; half dollar, quarter hour, and pounds and ounces are introduced.

The set of blackline masters provides extra practice for the teacher to copy as needed. Simple multiplication and division are included in the blacklines for those classes that are ready for it in Grade 2.

The teacher's manual comes in two hardcover volumes, Units 1 and 2 in Book 1, and Units 3-5 in Book 2. The manual is essential for class time instructions and for workbook directions. Pupil's pages are shown in miniature with answers filled in.


13221.3 Pupil's Workbook, Unit 1   $5.25
13222.3 Pupil's Workbook, Unit 2   $3.50
13223.3 Pupil's Workbook, Unit 3   $5.25
13224.3 Pupil's Workbook, Unit 4   $4.50
13225.3 Pupil's Workbook, Unit 5   $4.50

13261.3 Blacklines (215 pages)   $10.25
13291.3 Teacher's Manual, Units 1,2   $7.95
13293.3 Teacher's Manual, Units 3-5   $10.95

13281.3 Blossom and Bee Poster Set   $14.95

This set of three full-color, laminated posters eliminates the need to make your own blossom charts for the Grade 2 math course. Size: 19" x 25"

Preparing to Build

Preparing to Build contains 6 units and a short dictionary. Each unit closes with review lessons, an extra activity, and a poem. (Unit 6, as a supplementary unit, does not follow this pattern.)

This book teaches the concept of a sentence as the expression of a complete thought. Basic concepts of nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives are studied. The paragraph is introduced. The supplementary unit teaches alphabetical order and basic dictionary skills.

The teacher's guide suggests ways for the teacher to present each lesson and supplies the answers for the various exercises and unit tests.

A separate test booklet provides tests for each of the first 5 units.


12202.3 Pupil's Textbook   $12.95
12292.3 Teacher's Manual   $15.95
12212.3 Test Booklet   $2.25

Spelling by Sound and Structure 2

The Grade 2 spelling workbook offers 34 two-page lessons. Twenty-eight lessons each introduce 12 "New Words" and work with them in exercises. Every sixth lesson is completely review.

Part A serves to strengthen the pupil's understanding of the meanings of the new words as they work with synonyms, antonyms, definitions, picture clues, context clues, and categories of words.

In Part B, pupils work with phonetic patterns as beginning and ending sounds, long and short vowels, consonant blends, digraphs, double consonants, and so forth. Part B teaches word structure as syllables, plurals, verb forms, and suchlike.

The teacher's edition is a workbook with answers and annotations in color. It includes a section with additional instructions for each lesson, and test sentences.


16221 Pupil's Workbook   $4.80
16291 Teacher's Edition   $6.25

Patterns of Nature

This course consists of 30 lessons bound bound in an illustrated workbook. Science, at this level, mainly involves identification. Such subjects as seasons, seeds, wildflowers, weeds, trees, mammals, insects, songbirds, and the celestial bodies are introduced on the child's level.

Pupils are taught to recognize seeds by their shapes; wildflowers by the shape of their leaves, the design of their flowers, and their colors; trees by the shape of their leaves; and so on.

Pupils also learn such things as the colors of birds, mammals, and parts of trees by coloring them in their workbooks. Through this study, pupils gain an enjoyment and appreciation of nature and recognize God as the Creator.

Most exercises in the workbook are self-explanatory and can be done independently by the students after the lesson has been discussed with them. A review and a test follow every fifth lesson.

The teacher's manual booklet gives instructions on teaching the lessons and contains the answer key.


14221 Pupil's Workbook   $5.95
14291 Teacher's Manual   $3.50

Proper Manners and Health Habits

The health and proper care of our bodies is of great importance as well as are the courtesies and general helpfulness and consideration to others. The best time for children to learn these good habits is when they are young.

This book brings practical health guidelines to second-grade-level children in a fascinating way and in a manner with which they can easily identify. Stories and pictures are included which aid in learning the concepts. Some chapter titles are "Mealtime Manners," "Care of Rooms," "Keeping Myself Clean," and "Getting Our Rest."

Simple directions enable the students to work independently, with little help from the teacher. Pupils will look forward to the interesting exercises from lesson to lesson. The workbook has 65 pages and a durable cover. There are 30 lessons.

A teacher's manual booklet is available.


18221 Pupil's Workbook   $3.50
18291 Teacher's Manual   $2.75

Our Father's World

Here is a simple course that introduces and explains basic geographical terms -- continent, ocean, lake, city, state, province, country. Basic surface features are discussed--mountains, hills, deserts, valleys, and plains. The purpose and structure of globes and maps are taught. Twelve of the 30 lessons are stories about children around the world. Each story is cast in the setting of a child's surroundings and activites on a March day.

At the back of the pupil's workbook is a section called "New Word Exercises," where the meaning and use of the new words used in a given lesson are taught by fill-in-the-blank exercises.

The teacher's manual booklet consists of the Lesson Aim or Facts Taught, a list of the New Words taught in that lesson, and Procedure, which is a suggested method of introducing the lesson. Answer keys are included.

Social Studies

19221 Pupil's Workbook   $5.95
19291 Teacher's Manual   $3.50

Penmanship for Christian Writing
(Cursive writing begins)

This 9" x 11 3/4" workbook with tear-out sheets is composed of 60 lessons. It reviews the formation of each of the capital and small manuscript letters and the numerals; then it progresses to teaching slant print. The slant print strokes are taught first, followed by the slant print small and capital letters, and numerals. Pupils print many sentences using slant print letters. Slant print is taught as an introduction to cursive writing.

In the second half of Grade 2, pupils learn the cursive strokes. In the introductory lessons, some exercise is given to writing sentences and cursive letters. Proceeding to the teaching of cursive small and capital letters, letters are again grouped according to stroke formation. The strokes for each letter are illustrated and much practice is given.

Tablets of writing paper that match the lines in the penmanship book are available.


15211 Pupil's Workbook   $5.75
15291 Teacher's Guide   $9.95
15125.1 1/2" Ruled Tablet   $2.50

Beginning in Music Two

This course reviews and drills syllable shapes and kinds of tones with 36 perforated worksheets. It is more advanced than Grade 1 in that pupils learn to draw shaped notes and characters showing note values, and they are drilled in writing the names and values of the notes. Rests are included in Grade 2. Pupils learn to draw and label rests.

The teacher's guide suggests some musical ideas to use in developing the student's diatonic feeling.


18210 Pupil's Workbook   $3.50

Art with a Purpose

Each Artpac has 36 step-by-step art lessons, with ready-to-use pupil art sheets. Directions, examples, and needed materials are listed for the teacher. You don't need to be an accomplished artist to teach it. With each successive grade, more detailed skills are taught.

Each student will need a separate student packet. The teacher should also have a packet to do as samples beforehand.

Grade 2: Simple coloring skills, cutting, pasting, simple perspective drawing.

Prepared by Share-a-Care Publications.


60122 Artpac 2   $7.95

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