Grade Four

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Bible Nurture and Reader Series
Exploring With God
Grade 4
The Grade 4 reading curriculum has only 75 lessons instead of 150 as the previous grades do. Each lesson may be done in two parts, as indicated in the teacher's manual and the workbooks, taking two days per lesson.
One hardbound reader contains all 75 lessons, divided into three units.
  • Unit 1: The Gospel of John
  • Unit 2: The Book of Acts -- with an emphasis on map work and following the travels of the apostle Paul
  • Unit 3: Job, Psalms, and Proverbs -- the Psalms lessons are in poetry form and the Proverbs lessons each have a present-day or historical story to illustrate the proverb of that lesson.

    There is a separate workbook for each unit of the reader. Exercises develop vocabulary and comprehension skills, and they may be divided to provide activity for two days on one lesson. Each workbook ends with a unit test.

    Teacher's Manual
    Detailed instructions for the benefit of new teachers. Guidelines are given to help develop good oral reading, and discussion questions are suggested for comprehension development. Occasional oral quizzes and a full answer key to the workbooks are provided.
  • Reading

    11401.3 Reader   $12.50

    [Exploring With God]  

    11411.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 1   $4.00
    11412.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 2   $4.00
    11413.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 3   $4.00
    11491.3 Teacher's Manual   $7.25

    11481 Journeys of Paul Markable Map   $5.95

    This 19" x 25" laminated poster is an excellent companion to the fourth grade reading unit on the Book of Acts. On the back of the poster is a list of the places that Paul visited on the three missionary journeys and his journey to Rome. It also shows a small copy of the map with the journeys marked to use as an answer key.

    Developing Better Reading

    For middle grades and above, this is a concentrated phonics course of 30 lessons. Students who missed phonics instruction in the first two grades would benefit from this study taken slowly through the year. Poor readers in the upper grades or adult level could also benefit.

    The first five lessons present five basic understandings--the alphabet, the consonants and their sounds, the vowels and their sounds, the meaning of a syllable, and the meaning of an accent.

    Syllables and accents are important because many pronunciation rules are based on syllabication and accents.

    Included in this course are lists of words that are to be used as oral reading tests, thus permitting a teacher to check each pupil's progress.

    Definitions and rules of pronunciation, spelling, and syllabication are simply and clearly stated and distributed throughout the book to provide for a systematic and logical learning process.

    The teacher's manual includes answers and detailed instructions for class procedures, review, and testing mastery of the material. Use of the Bible Nurture and Reader Series phonics flash cards is woven into this course.

    Remedial Reading

    11381 Pupil's Workbook   $3.75
    11389 Teacher's Manual   $4.75
    11143 Phonics Flash Cards (186 cards)   $15.75

    Progressing With Arithmetic
    Grade 4

    This hardcover textbook has 170 lessons, counting tests. Lesson concepts are explained in the student text. After reviewing the basic facts and teaching the multiplication and division facts 10's-12's, this book teaches long division, multiplying by 2-digit numbers, and checking in the four processes of computation. Reading problem skills include distance-rate-time, 2-step problems, using sketches, and identifying missing information. The following areas of study are also covered:

    Numbers -- Place value to hundred millions, and decimals to hundredths. Roman numerals through the 300s.

    Measures -- Changing measure to equivalent in other units, adding and subtracting compound measures, scale drawings, metric units of length.

    Fractions -- Comparing fraction value, equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.

    Geometry -- Finding perimeter and area of squares and rectangles.

    Graphs -- Picture graphs and bar graphs.

    A separate tablet of speed drills provides a timed drill for every second lesson. Speed drills exercise a wide range of skills taught in Grade 4. The 17 chapter tests are bound in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

    The teacher's manual comes in two volumes, Each lesson shows the pupil's pages full size with answers filled in. Extra pages give detailed guidance for the teacher in lesson presentation. Answer keys for speed drills and tests are included.


    13401.3 Pupil's Textbook   $14.95
    13471.3 Speed Drills   $4.90
    13411.3 Test Booklet   $2.25
    13491.3 Teacher's Manual, Part 1   $11.95
    13492.3 Teacher's Manual, Part 2   $11.95

    Building With Diligence

    These 127 lessons are divided into 11 chapters. The first two chapters deal with understanding sentence structure and types. Chapters 3-8 and Chapter 10 focus on seven parts of speech--nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions. Chapter 9 teaches concepts about punctuation. Chapter 11 concludes the course with lessons on capitalization, the dictionary, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. Interspersed throughout the book are 33 composition lessons. Continual review is built into the lessons.

    The booklet of 68 worksheets is for supplementary practice. The sheets may be copied as needed in teaching this English course.

    The test booklet contains 11 chapter tests.

    The teacher's manual has reduced copies of the pupil's text, the worksheets, and the tests. The answer keys are beside the exercises. Guidance is given for presenting the lesson to the students. The specific points to be taught are listed, along with further instruction and information for the teacher.


    12404.3 Pupil's Textbook   $15.95
    12424.3 Worksheets   $3.25
    12494.3 Teacher's Manual   $20.95
    12414.3 Test Booklet   $2.25

    For Supplementary English Worksheets, please see Grade 3.

    Spelling by Sound and Structure 4

    This spelling course has been classroom tested and widely appreciated by teachers and students. Both the Pupil and the Teacher's Manual are bound in a durable, soft cover.

    This course has thirty-four lessons divided into units of six lessons each except for the last unit, which has only four lessons. Each unit (except the last) has five regular lessons followed by a review lesson. The units are generally self-contained, so that a student can find the spelling rules and helps for each review lesson within the same unit.

    Each regular lesson has sixteen New Wordsand four Review Words. Each lesson is divided into three main parts.

    Part A, Sounds and Letters, drills the phonetic composition of the words in the spelling list. Spelling rules for the speech sounds taught in the lesson are given just before the work relating to them. In many of the lessons, students will need to interpret a number of phonetic spellings.

    Part B, Using Your Words, emphasizes the vocabulary aspect of the spelling words. In most lessons, students must use spelling words to fill in the blanks in a paragraph and to write two original sentences. Part B also teaches skills such as alphabetical order and word meanings. As with the other lesson parts, the student is expected to use the Speller Dictionary, at the back of the book, as needed.

    Part C, Building Words, emphasizes the use of words or word parts in forming other words. Syllable divisions, plural and compound nouns, verb forms, abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes, and contractions are some of the concepts taught. Some lessons also contain a section entitled Dictionary Practice, which teaches basic dictionary skills.

    An additional part at the end of each lesson is entitled Bible Thoughts. This part is designed to link the spelling words to Bible concepts. The student is to use his Bible as needed.

    The Teacher's Manual contains a reduced copy of the pupil's edition with answers filled in. Test sentences are included for each lesson.


    164212 Pupil's Workbook   $6.95
    164912 Teacher's Edition   $7.90

    God's Inspiring World

    This hardbound textbook contains 7 units with a review lesson for each unit. The 31 regular lessons are divided into 63 class sections. (Groups of exercises are interspersed in each lesson to help students find answers more efficiently.) Most regular lessons contain a short review exercise.

    Students will study weather, animal life, star constellations, light, electricity, plant life. Health and safety are addressed in a unit on human disease and in some lessons such as the lesson on the eye. Each unit is self-contained, and the units can be studied in any order. References from the Book of Job help establish the theme of the book: "God's Inspiring World."

    The 7 unit tests are available in a separate test booklet. The answers are in the back of the teacher's manual.

    The teacher's manual shows reduced student pages along with helpful teacher notes, answers, quizzes, and concepts to teach.


    14401 Pupil's Textbook   $14.50
    14491 Teacher's Manual   $12.50
    14411 Test Booklet   $2.25

    Health for the Glory of God
    Grade 4

    Clear instructions are given from guidelines in the Word for maintaining good health of body and mind for the glory of God. The book includes such titles as these: "The Human Body--Its Beginning," "Keeping Clean for God's Glory," "Food for the Body," "A Healthy Mind," and "Courtesy for God's Glory." Contains 13 lessons plus 4 reviews.

    The teacher's edition is a pupil workbook with red answers and teacher annotations.


    18421 Pupil's Workbook   $4.50
    18491 Teacher's Edition   $5.50
    18411 Test Booklet   $1.75

    Homelands Around the World

    This hardcover textbook gives fourth grade pupils a glimpse of the world's geography, cultures, and wildlife from a Biblical perspective. The first chapter teaches a basic knowledge of the climate zones of the earth. Chapters 2-8 take the student around the globe, studying the geographical and cultural variations of different lands, including Nigeria, the Philippines, Australia, Europe, Japan, Siberia, Ecuador, and more. Chapter 9 prepares the student for the fifth grade book, Homelands of North America, by teaching a basic knowledge about the United States and Canada. Special attention is given to an understanding of the states, provinces, and regions of these two countries.

    Mapmaking and geographical knowledge are emphasized throughout the course. The students are required to fill out blank outline maps for most of the lessons. The outline maps are included in the back of the pupil's textbook and may be copied or traced as needed.

    Over 230 maps, illustrations, and photographs are shown in color or black and white. Study exercises are included for each lesson. There are 45 lessons, including the reviews at the end of each chapter.

    A separate test booklet is available.

    The hardcover teacher's manual includes teaching helps, the main points for each lesson, and an answer key.

    Social Studies

    19401 Pupil's Textbook   $17.95
    194911 Teacher's Manual   $19.95
    19411 Test Booklet   $2.25

    Extra Coloring Books

    2932 United States Coloring Book   $3.50

    2933 Canada Coloring Book   $3.50

    2937 Beautiful India   $3.25

    2941 Latin America Coloring Book   $3.25

    Penmanship for Christian Writing
    Grade 4

    Fourth grade penmanship, composed of 30 lessons in one 8 1/4" x 10 1/2" perforated workbook, reviews the slant print strokes, the formation of slant print letters, and the numerals. In Lessons 5 and 6 the cursive strokes are reviewed. Lessons 7 and 8 review the various aspects of quality: slant, size, alignment, height, letter spacing, word spacing, proportion, and neatness. In the remaining lessons the cursive letters are reviewed.

    Throughout the year, the pupils write many sentences about animals. The aspects of quality listed above are drilled continually. The main emphasis of Grade 4 is on perfecting the students' cursive handwriting.

    Tablets of writing paper that match the lines in the penmanship book are available.


    15411 Pupil's Workbook   $3.95
    15491 Teacher's Guide   $5.50
    15127.1 3/8" 5-line Ruled Tablet   $2.50

    Growing in Music
    Grades 4 and 5

    Though this textbook assumes that the pupil can recognize characters such as notes, rests, and clef signatures, it covers the simplest elements of music and can be used for those who have had no previous instruction.

    In the first chapter, such aspects as sound and tone properties are taught. The second chapter teaches good singing habits. The third chapter teaches the various parts of the staff. Chapter 4 deals with the major diatonic scale, Chapter 5 with notes and rests, and Chapter 6 with rhythm.

    Sight-reading exercises in the back of the book help the students to learn the scale and simple rhythm patterns. A section of rounds and two-part songs is provided to help the students in harmonizing parts.

    The workbook is divided into 21 lessons, which combine exercises to help rivet in the pupils' minds the concepts taught in the textbook.

    Flash cards and a test booklet are also available.

    The teacher's manual gives positive direction so that the teacher will not lose his way -- even if he has never taught music before. Teaching the lessons and conducting the singing periods are clearly explained, and various drills and quizzes are included. Answers to questions in the pupil's books are given. Suggested songs are listed, which may be found in Silver Gems in Song.


    18510 Pupil's Textbook   $6.50
    18511 Pupil's Workbook   $2.50
    18591 Teacher's Manual   $6.25
    18521 Test Booklet   $1.75

    6530 Silver Gems in Song   $4.25

    Art With a Purpose

    Thirty-six step-by-step art lessons, with ready-to-use pupil art sheets, focus on coloring, shading, drawing stick figures, simple grid drawing, and perspective drawing.

    Each student will need a separate student packet. The teacher should also have a packet to do as samples beforehand. Extra packets will allow the teacher to demonstrate doing the project in class and provide spares for the times someone needs to start over.

    Directions, examples, and needed materials are listed for the teacher. You don't need to be an accomplished artist to teach it.

    Prepared by Share-a-Care Publications.


    60144 Artpac 4   $7.95

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