Grade Five

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A Time to Plant

This hardcover reader contains 40 prose works, 15 poems, and 5 composition themes.

The workbook contains exercises for each selection in the reader to enhance comprehension and vocabulary skills as well as a variety of other concepts. It is designed to help the teacher apply the lessons with minimal involvement.

The teacher's manual contains answers as well as general helps for teaching the lessons.


11501 Reader   $10.95

[A Time to Plant]  

11521 Workbook   $6.25
11592 Teacher's Manual   $7.95
11511 Test Booklet   $1.75

God Chooses a Family

This is the first book in the series The Story of God's Chosen Family. This level covers Old Testament history from Creation to the prophet Samuel. Children are encouraged to follow the example of faithful characters, such as Enoch, Noah, and Abraham. They observe God's mercy at work, even with those who disobeyed God, but they are also reminded that God does not overlook sin.

A variety of question types includes multiple choice and filling in blanks. There are also vocabulary studies and other educational exercises on subjects like family lines, slavery in Bible times, and the Nazarite vow. One lesson in each chapter diverts from the chronological study to additional aspects of the Bible, such as observing Bible geography, dating Bible events, and using Bible study helps.

The pupil's book has 30 lessons divided into 6 chapters, a review for each chapter, and a final review. A test for each chapter and a final test are in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

The teacher's manual, bound with a durable cover, has a reduced copy of the pupil's workbook with the answers filled in. Oral reviews, main points, suggested memory passages, and other notes to the teacher are in the margins.

The Bible is the pupil's textbook. The workbook guides the pupil through the study of the Bible as he looks up verses and answers the questions.


17521 Pupil's Workbook   $7.95
17591 Teacher's Manual   $9.95
17511 Tests   $1.75

Gaining Skill With Arithmetic

This hardcover textbook has 170 lessons, counting tests. It reviews and extends concepts taught in the previous grades. Reading problems are exercised regularly, and the following areas of study are also covered.

Numbers -- Place value to hundred billion, decimals to thousandths, factoring and prime numbers

Measures -- Metric system: basic units and prefixes, changing units

Fractions -- Multiplying and dividing, understanding ratio and proportion

Geometry -- Finding volume, introduction to lines, points, and angles

Percents -- Fraction-decimal-percent equivalents

Graphs -- Line graphs

A separate tablet of speed drills provides a timed drill for every second lesson.

The 17 chapter tests are bound in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

The teacher's manual comes in two volumes. Each lesson shows the pupil's pages full size with answers filled in. Extra pages give detailed guidance for the teacher in lesson presentation. Answer keys for speed drills and tests are included.


13501.3 Pupil's Textbook   $14.95
13571.3 Speed Drills   $4.90
13511.3 Test Booklet   $2.25
13591.3 Teacher's Manual, Part 1   $11.95
13592.3 Teacher's Manual, Part 2   $11.95

Following the Plan

English 5 has 119 lessons divided into 10 chapters. The first two chapters deal with understanding sentence types and structure. Chapters 3-7 and 9 focus on the eight parts of speech. Chapter 8 teaches concepts about punctuation. Chapter 10 deals with miscellaneous lessons on capitalization, the dictionary, synonyms, antonyms, Bible reference books, hyphens, and colons. Interspersed throughout the book are 28 composition lessons. Continual review is built into the course.

A booklet of 68 worksheets is available.

The sheets may be copied as needed in teaching this English course. The test booklet contains 10 chapter tests.

The teacher's manual has reduced copies of the pupil's text, with the answer keys beside the exercises. For the worksheets and tests, the answers are shown in color on the reproduced pupil's pages. Guidance is given for presenting the lesson to the students. The specific points to be taught are listed, along with further instruction and information for the teacher.


12505.3 Pupil's Textbook   $16.95
12525.3 Worksheets   $3.25
12595.3 Teacher's Manual   $22.95
12515.3 Tests   $2.25

For Supplementary English Worksheets, please see Grade 3.

Spelling by Sound and Structure 5

This spelling course has been classroom tested and widely appreciated by teachers and students.

This book has thirty-four lessons divided into units of six lessons each, except for the last unit, which has only four lessons. each unit (except the last) has five regular lessons followed by a review lesson for that unit. The units are generally self-contained so that a student can find the spelling rules and helps for each review lesson within the same unit.

Each regular lesson has sixteen New Words and four Review Words. Each lesson is divided into three main parts.

Part A, Sounds and Letters, drills the phonetic composition of the words in the spelling list. Spelling rules for the speech sounds taught in the lesson are given just before the work relating to them. In many of the lessons, students will need to interpret a number of phonetic spellings.

Part B, Using Your Words, emphasizes the meanings of the spelling words. Students need to use the correct spelling words to fill in the blanks in a paragraph and to write several sentences using selected words from the word list. part B also teaches some dictionary-related skills, such as alphabetical order and syllable division. As with other lesson parts, the student is expected to use the Speller Dictionary needed to do Part B.

Part C, Building Words, emphasizes the use of words or word parts in forming other words, such as plural and compound nouns, present and past tenses, and contractions, or in adding prefixes and suffixes.

An additional part at the end of most lessons is entitled Bible Thoughts. This part is designed to link the use of the spelling words to Bible concepts. The student is to use his Bible as needed in completing this part.

The Teacher's Manual contains a reduced copy of the pupil's workbook with answers filled in and helps in the margins. 163 pages. Paper.


165212 Pupil's Workbook   $6.95
165912 Teacher's Manual   $7.90

Spelling Word Lists for Grades 5-8
      See Grade 8.

God's Wonderful World

This third textbook in the God's World Science Series contains 40 lessons, 8 review lessons, and 8 unit tests. A review lesson for the unit precedes each test. All other lessons also include a review exercise.

The first unit teaches orderly and effective scientific study. Other units cover anatomy (health), arthropods, chemistry, sound, earth science, nonflowering plants, and machines and motion.

The book theme, "God's Wonderful World," emphasizes various marvels in science and frequently draws from the Psalms. The book also imparts the values of safety, prevention, and conservation.

The pupil's book has color pictures for lessons where color is important. Students will appreciate the interesting writing style of this book.

The teacher's manual is written and designed with inexperienced teachers in mind. Surrounding the pupil page are the answer key, discussion questions, stories, and other helpful teaching aids. Preparation for extra activities is economical and timesaving for teachers.


14501 Pupil's Textbook -- Science 5   $15.50
14591 Teacher's Manual -- Science 5   $13.50
14511 Tests -- Science 5   $2.25

God's Marvelous Works
Book One

This nature series cultivates an alert, receptive, and appreciative attitude for the vast variety of plants and animals the Creator has given. This first book of the series begins with insects, which are the most easily found and handled of all animal groups. Students are encouraged to start an insect collection as a satisfying and rewarding hobby. Later units deal with birds, arachnids, myriapods, earthworms, flowers, and reptiles.

Altogether there are 30 lessons divided into 5 units spread out over 166 pages. Each unit is well illustrated and will create a high level of interest.

The hardcover teacher's edition has answer keys and ideas for presenting the lessons as well as additional information.

Old Science

14404 Pupil's Textbook   $10.35
14494 Teacher's Edition   $10.35
14414 Test Booklet   $2.25

Homelands of North America

This hardcover textbook discusses the history of the United States and Canada from precolonial times to modern days. American Indian culture, conditions in Europe leading to American colonization, explorations, early colonies, new governments, the spread of North American civilization, and more is taught from a Biblical perspective.

Over 280 maps, illustrations, and photographs are shown in color and black and white. Study exercises are included for each lesson.

Geographical knowledge and map making is emphasized in this course. Indian tribe distribution, early American settlements, westward expansion routes and patterns, modern political borders and geographical regions, and more are reinforced with exercises requiring students to fill out blank outline maps. The twenty basic outline maps are in the back of the pupil's textbook and may be copied or traced as needed.

There are 103 lessons, including the reviews at the end of each chapter.

A separate test booklet is available.

The hardcover teacher's manual includes teaching helps, the main points and Christian perspective for each lesson, and an answer key.

Social Studies

19501 Pupil's Textbook   $20.95
195911 Teacher's Manual   $23.95
19511 Test Booklet   $2.25

Extra Coloring Books

2932 United States Coloring Book   $3.50

2933 Canada Coloring Book   $3.50

2941 Latin America Coloring Book   $3.25


See Grade 4.

Art With a Purpose

Thirty-six lessons looking at advanced shading, drawing faces, painting and paint mixing, lettering, and grid work.


60155 Artpac 5   $7.95

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