Grade Seven

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A Time to Gather

This reader contains 40 narratives, 6 selections of Bible prose, 6 English poems, and 4 composition themes (of which two are Scripture passages). Selections have been chosen on the basis of both Scriptural integrity and academic merit. Students will find the selections both enjoyable and stimulating. Vocabulary lists and comprehension exercises are included in the book at the end of each lesson.

The teacher's guide for this reader has general helps for teaching the course, as well as practical helps for each lesson. These include suggestions for class discussion to improve comprehension, pointers for oral reading, and information on the vocabulary words. There are also suggested answers for the exercises in the readers.

The supplementary workbook includes valuable vocabulary exercises and questions that develop comprehension skills. Written especially with the multi-grade teacher in mind, these lessons can be done by the students without much teacher guidance. The questions in the reader could be used for guided class discussion, and the workbook for written assignments.


11701 Reader   $13.95

[Reading 7]  

11791 Teacher's Guide   $8.75

Supplementary Items

11721 Reader Workbook   $3.00
11792 Teacher's Workbook Edition   $3.95

God Visits His Chosen Family

This book begins a survey of New Testament history, covering the events of Jesus' birth, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension, comparing the four Gospel records to better understand the overall picture. Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament take on new meaning as the pupil considers the significance of Jesus' life and teaching. He learns how the church began and how God worked through His people to spread the Gospel "into all the world."

The Bible is the pupil's textbook. The workbook guides the pupil through the study of the Bible as he looks up verses and then answers the questions. A variety of question types includes multiple choice and filling in the blank. There are also time line studies and vocabulary exercises involving less-familiar Bible words. Most of the lessons include a section entitled "Learning More About Bible Times," in which the pupil studies people of that era, their way of life, the geography of Palestine and surrounding areas, and various other Bible facts.

The pupil's book has 30 lessons divided into 6 chapters, a review for each chapter, and a final review. A test for each chapter and a final test are available in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

The teacher's manual has a reduced copy of the pupil's workbook with the answers filled in. Oral reviews, main points, and other notes to the teacher are in the margins.


17721 Pupil's Workbook   $8.95
17791 Teacher's Manual   $10.95
17711 Test Booklet   $1.75

Truth for Life Bible Studies -- See Grade 8.

Mastering Mathematics

This hardcover textbook has 170 lessons that review and extend skills taught in previous levels. Bible applications enhance reading problems and illustrations. New concepts include the following areas.

Decimals -- Nonterminating

Percents -- Profit and loss, compound interest

Measures -- Bible measure, Celsius-Fahrenheit conversion

Graphs -- Histogram

Geometry -- Plane geometry: types of angles and triangles, trapezoids, constructing designs; solid geometry: surface area and volume

Algebra -- Algebraic expressions, order of operations, exponents, square roots, signed numbers

Quizzes and speed tests are provided in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

Chapter tests are also in a separate booklet.

The teacher's manual comes in two volumes. Each lesson has full-size pupil's pages, with answers filled in. Extra pages guide the teacher in lesson preparation and include answer keys for quizzes, speed tests, and chapter tests.


13701.3 Pupil's Textbook   $16.95
13791.3 Teacher's Manual, Part 1   $11.95
13792.3 Teacher's Manual, Part 2   $11.95
13711.3 Test Booklet   $2.25
13771.3 Quizzes and Speed Tests   $4.50

Building Securely

This course has 125 lessons divided into 11 chapters. The first two chapters deal with sentence parts and sentence construction. Object complements and subjective complements are introduced.

Chapters 3-9 focus on the parts of speech. Verbals, progressive and emphatic forms of verbs, intransitive verbs, restrictive clauses, conjunctive adverbs, and so forth, are introduced. Ample sentence diagraming practice is included.

Chapter 10 teaches concepts about capitalization and punctuation. Italics, single quotation marks, and ellipsis points are introduced. Chapter 11 deals with using numerous kinds of reference books, studying words, and studying word families.

Some of the new composition skills taught are guidelines for proof-reading, character sketches, and note taking. Paragraph construction, outlining, letter writing, and poetry are taught at deeper levels.

A separate booklet of 60 worksheets is available for additional practice. The sheets may be copied as needed in teaching this English course. The test booklet includes chapter tests and a final test. The teacher's manual follows the established pattern of the revised series.


12707.3 Pupil's Textbook   $17.95
12727.3 Worksheets   $3.25
12797.3 Teacher's Manual   $24.95
12717.3 Test Booklet   $2.25

For Supplementary English Worksheets, please see Grade 6.

Spelling by Sound and Structure 7

A primary goal of the original course was to teach how Latin roots affect the spellings of many English words. This revision has the same goal, but the exercises have been simplified considerably. The lessons have the same exercise sections as before: (A) Unearthing the Roots; (B) Affixing Affixes; and (C) Sound, Structure, and Meaning; as well as the supplementary section (D) Language Lineage.

This hardcover textbook has 34 lessons including reviews. 148 pages.

The hardcover teacher's guide includes a reduced copy of the pupil's pages, the answer key, test sentences, and teacher helps in the margins. 164 pages.


167012 Pupil's Textbook   $9.50
167912 Teacher's Guide   $9.95

Spelling Word Lists for Grades 5-8
      See Grade 8.

God's Orderly World

This science textbook is the latest addition to Rod & Staff's God's World Science Series.

The hardcover textbook has many full-color pictures and illustrations. It is divided into eight units. Each unit is further divided into six or more sections. Reviews are included at the end of each unit and at the end of each quarter. Each unit ends with a test, and a final test completes the course.

The teacher's manual contains copies of the pupil pages. It also has answer keys, lesson guides, and other helpful teaching aids.

Unit Titles

  • What Is Science?
  • Life on Earth
  • Natural Resources of the Earth
  • Sound
  • Fire
  • The Force of Gravity
  • Diseases
  • Agriculture

New Science

14701 Pupil's Textbook   $17.50
14791 Teacher's Manual   $19.50
14711 Tests   $2.25

Investigating God's Order World
Book One -- Grades 7 & 8

Both this book and the one following (for Grades 9 and 10) have been written to guide students in their growing awareness of the orderly world around them, its potential usefulness to the glory of God, and God's true relation to it as revealed in His Word.

Men have performed experiment after experiment to learn the whys and hows of electricity, heat, weather, plants, and almost every other feature of God's orderly world. Because science is orderly, many conclusions have been reached that are worthy of knowing and teaching. Investigating God's Orderly World Books One and Two are a collection of some of the more important discoveries of orderliness.

The information was gathered from many sources and reviewed for scientific accuracy. Many experiments are suggested to explain and illustrate the facts presented. In this way, the book promotes a practical working knowledge of the laws and wonders of God's orderly world.

The units in this hardbound textbook are arranged to introduce concepts in a logical order. Each unit begins with an introductory page, which explains the Scriptural attitude that should be cultivated as the study progresses, stimulates interest with challenging questions, and acquaints the student with new vocabulary for the unit. Each unit is well illustrated with many original drawings and photographs. The units are divided into sections with study exercises for each section. At the end of each unit, study exercises provide review of the vocabulary and of the important facts and concepts studied.

These are the titles of the 12 units in Book One: "What Is Science?" "Fundamentals of God's World," "The Starry Heavens," "The Force of Gravity," "Heat Energy," "Weather," "The Planet Earth," "Life on the Earth," "Fire," "Parasitic Diseases," "Food and Digestion," and "Agriculture."

The hardbound teacher's manual suggests procedures for teaching each unit. An outline of the major concepts to be taught in each unit is also included for the teacher's convenience. An answer key and a list of suggested equipment for each unit makes this guides very useful.

Use Discovering God's Stars to take a through-the-year tour of stars of the Northern Hemisphere. Learn the stars more efficiently by studying them in constellations. Includes a planet study. This book enhances your concept of God, whose glory and wisdom these celestial bodies declare.

Old Science

14707 Pupil's Textbook   $15.65
14797 Teacher's Manual   $10.50
14717 Test Booklet   $2.25

Star Identification

2210 Discovering God's Stars   $6.50
2212 A Star Guide   $3.25
2211 Blank Star Maps (Pack of 25)   $3.75
2406 Star Packet (3 preceding items)   $11.50

Understanding the Old World

This hardcover textbook covers the geography and history of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East from a Biblical perspective. The first 5 chapters emphasize the geographical and political features along with some cultural information. Chapters 6-30 cover history from the Creation to the Reformation and also touch on some modern times. The story of God's Old Testament people (the Jews) and His New Testament people (the faithful Christians) is woven into the history chapters.

Study exercises and reviews are included, and map skills and timelines are emphasized. The book has blank maps that may be traced or copied for the map exercises. Many color and black-and-white photos, maps, and illustrations help students understand what is taught in the text. Also featured are some plants important to the people of the Old World.

A separate booklet contains the tests.

The hardcover teacher's manual (ISBN: 9780739906866) contains a reduced copy of the student edition and includes teaching helps, main concepts, Christian perspectives, and answer keys.

History / Geography

19701 Pupil's Textbook   $26.95
197911 Teacher's Manual   $31.95
19711 Test Booklet   $2.25

Creation to Canaan
Grades 7-9

This softcover book covers ancient history from the Creation through the wilderness experience of the children of Israel. The Bible's family lines on both the godly and the ungodly are clearly defined in this volume. Many interesting facts are brought to light by the author. Much time and research has been spent in comparing the information with the Biblical record and other historians. Questions for study and class discussion, maps, and an abundance of photographs are included. The text has 66 lessons and 352 pages.

Bible History

19703 Pupil's Textbook   $11.95
19723 Pupil's Workbook   $5.75
19793 Teacher's Workbook Edition   $8.50
19713 Test Booklet   $2.25


See Grade 6.

Art With a Purpose

This 36-lesson Artpac features advanced shading with soft lead colored pencils, grid drawing, calligraphy, paint mixing and painting, and sketching.


60177 Artpac 7   $7.95

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