Bibles and Maps

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Presently we are not listing any Bibles for sale.

Maps and Timelines

Journeys of Paul Markable Map -- This laminated poster is an excellent companion to the fourth grade reading unit on the Book of Acts. On the back of the poster is a list of the places that Paul visited on the three missionary journeys and his journey to Rome. It also shows a small copy of the map with the journeys marked to use as an answer key. Size: 19" x 25"

Maps & Timelines

11481 Journeys of Paul Markable Map   $5.95

Map Packets

Each packet contains 8" x 11" blank maps, which are reproducible masters. Each map is different from any other map in its set and outlines the boundaries for all or part of the named area. Latitude and longitude lines are used, and a scale of miles is provided. An instruction sheet and a contents list is included. Excellent for drill, quizzing, and student practice.

6835 General World Map Packet (30 maps)   $6.75
6836 USA/Canada Map Packet (75 maps)   $13.65
6837 Latin America Map Packet (31 maps)   $6.75
6838 Europe Map Packet (40 maps)   $7.80
6839 Asia Map Packet (48 maps)   $9.10
6840 Africa Map Packet (42 maps)   $8.30

Human Register

This time line covers the approximately 6,000 years of history from the Creation up to the current century. It consists of thirteen laminated wall cards, each 12" wide x 9" high. It has about 130 captions with over 60 color illustrations that help to pinpoint when key Bible events took place. However, the focus is on the scope of human history rather than on precise chronology.

17581 The Human Register (Time Line)   $14.95

World Map

A beautiful, color map showing up-to-date information. Useful in Bible studies and in pinpointing church missionary outreaches. Asia is not divided. Size: 50" x 32"

6825 World Map   $4.50

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