Record Books

As listed in Rod and Staff's 2013 catalog

Teacher Record Books

These 8.5" x 11" books have wire-bound, flexible covers.

Class Record Book (65710) -- Thirty-six lines per page, with alternating pairs tinted green for ease in following lines. Each two-pages spread has a column for students' names and space for eight weeks' grades, plus columns to mark absences, averages, tests, and summaries. The grade recording sheets are for 40 weeks and are shaded every other two lines. All the grade recording sheets are perforated. The book has 42 two-page spreads plus preliminary pages that include: Teacher's daily schedule, Special duties, and Supplementary data sheets.

Lesson Plan Book (65680) -- Eighty-two pages for your daily plans with seven blocks (periods) per day and five lines per block. Each two-page spread has columns for five labeled days (Monday through Friday) plus an extra column for notes. Preliminary pages include: Teacher's daily schedules, Overview planning sheets, Additional seating plans, Supplementary data planning sheets, Instructions for substitute teachers, and Schedule of school events calendar.

Combination Plan & Record Book (65690) -- This book combines the Class Record Book and the Lesson Plan Book, giving the advantage of both in one convenient book.

Record Books

65690 Planner/Record Book   $6.25
65680 Weekly Lesson Planner   $3.75
65710 Class Record Book   $3.75

Save hours of grading time! Find percentages in two simple steps. The E-Z Grader (6820) computes percentages in tabular form for 6 to 95 problems. The Long Ranger E-Z Grader (6818) extends from 1 to 200 total problems and covers all possible grades. Constructed of heavy poster board.

E-Z Graders

6820 E-Z Grader   $4.90
6818 Long-Ranger E-Z Grader   $4.65

Manuscript Alphabet Wall Cards -- White letters 3.25" high on a green background. Each letter is shown with a picture relating to the sound of that letter. The pictures, also printed in shades of the same restful green, correspond with the phonics lessons teaching letter sounds in Grade 1 of the Bible Nurture and Reader Series. Each card, showing 2 letters, measures 9.5" high by almost 13" wide. One card shows the numerals 0-9. The full length of the set is 15 feet.

Cursive Alphabet Wall Cards -- White letters, 3.25" high on restful green background. Three-space proportion of letters matches handwriting taught in Rod and Staff's penmanship series. Each card, showing two letters, measures 9.5" high by almost 13" wide. One card shows the numerals 0-9. Full length of the set is 15 feet.

Alphabet Cards

19931 Wall Cards, Manuscript   $7.25
19941 Wall Cards, Cursive   $7.25

Math Flash Cards -- Vertical flash cards with large numbers printed on manila card stock are available in the four operations. Addition, subraction and multiplication cards measure 3 3/8" by 7 1/2". The division cards are 4 3/8" by 5 7/8". Addition and subraction cover the 100 basic facts. Multiplication and division sets include the tables through 12. The front of each card shows a number fact, and back shows the same fact with the answer printed in a lighter shade to prevent see-through. Small print in the corner identifies the operation and the sequence of that card in the set. Each card has a cropped corner to hellp keep the set in order. A hole near the top can be used for hanging individual cards on display or for storing the pack on a nail.

Small Flash Cards -- While these economical cards can be used in a classroom, they have been specifically designed for the individual student. The cards are 4 1/4" by 2 1/8" with cropped corners to make it easy for the user to know when the cards are turned correctly. Make sets available to students to study in their spare times or to take home with them. Facts of the same family in the opposite process are on the reverse side of the cards but are arranged randomly within the family to minimize deciphering the answer. The full fact and answer are provided on the opposite side. There are 344 facts up through family 18 in addition and subtraction and 314 facts through family 12 multiplication and division.

Speed Drill Packet -- These versatile speed drills provide an efficient way to drill number facts, regardless of the curriculum or grade level. The packet features 78 reproducible blackline sheets with 100 problems each. There are graduated levels in each of the four processes and 10 sheets with mixtures on the processes. Fact families are oriented up to the 18 family in addition and subraction and up to the 12 family in multiplication and division. An instruction manual and answer key is included.

Math Flash Cards and Speed Drills

13040.1 Addition Flash Cards   $10.00
13041.1 Subtraction Flash Cards   $10.00
13042.1 Multiplication Flash Cards   $13.00
13043.1 Division Flash Cards   $14.00

6800 Addition & Subtraction -- small   $8.45
6801 Multiplication & Division -- small   $8.45

6802 Speed Drills Packet   $8.95

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