As listed in Rod and Staff's 2013 catalog

Preschool A-B-C Series

These workbooks are designed to prepare children for first grade, helping them practice the skills essential to a successful start in learning to read.

This series provides four- or five-year-olds with short periods of pre-reading activities a few times per week. As he matures, the frequency and duration of these lessons will gradually increase.

Six workbooks provide informal learning activities such as coloring, cutting, pasting, and following directions.

Teacher notes are included.

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Preschool ABC Series

10011 Adventures With Books   $3.25
10012 Bible Pictures to Color   $3.25
10013 Counting With Numbers   $3.25
10014 Do It Carefully   $3.25
10015 Everywhere We Go   $3.25
10016 Finding the Answers   $3.25
10021 Preschool ABC Series   $16.95
(set of 6 workbooks above)
10002 Bible Stories to Read (storybook)   $6.50
10020 Preschool ABC Series   $21.95
(set of 7 preceding tiles)

Preschool G-H-I Series

When completed, this series will provide six more books to help build a good scholastic foundation for the preschool child. This new series uses a specific geographical region as a theme for each book, giving the added advantage of teaching geographical awareness by association, along with an awareness of God as the Creator.

This series, like the Preschool A-B-C Series above, aims to help parents give constructive guidance to each child prior to entering first grade while helping children appreciate and increase intrest and knowledge in the world around them.

Teacher notes are included.

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Preschool GHI Series

10031 Going On Eagerly   $3.25

10032 Hearing and Helping   $3.25

10033 Inside and Outside   $3.25

Preschool Readiness Test

A pre-entrance examination for first grade. Seven sections test the child in word meaning, listening, matching, alphabet, numbers, rhyming, and copying. Directions are given for scoring and evaluating the child's readiness for school.

Preschool Readiness Test

60010 Preschool Readiness Test, Pupil   $1.75
60090 Preschool Readiness Test, Teacher   $1.95

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