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  Eyes for Benny Anna E. Weaver  


[Eyes for Benny] Benny's cousins and friends are dismayed when they learn that an unexpected illness is chaining him to his bed for a whole summer. In love and unselfishness, they plan a cooperative effort to make Benny's cherished plans for his summer vacation come true.

Benny's love for and interest in God's creation, particularly the world of insects, becomes the interest of Benny's friends for the summer, and vacation becomes an exciting time for over a dozen children who -- with eyes sharpened to observe and locate the creatures around them -- singly, and in twos and threes, search the woods, fields, and gardens, spotting and capturing specimens for Benny.

Benny's insect book is pored over as identifications are determined and information is absorbed that amazes the youthful collectors as a new world opens up containing the beauty, order, and balance of the Creator, God.

Harmonious relationships in a Christian home setting, love, convern, and helpfulness for the needs of neighbors and friends are portrayed in this interestingly written story that is accurately and attractively illustrated for identification purposes.

206 pages. Hardcover. Rod and Staff Publishers.

A sequel to Birds at My Window.