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  Carmi of Judea Naomi Rosenberry  


[Carmi of Judea] Black-eyed, twelve-year-old Carmi knows his father plans to hire him out to some merchant in Hebron. Surely, surely not to Tiras, the gruff potter to whom his father shows so much kindness.

Carmi, a lad of Palestine at the time just prior to the birth of Christ, lives with his devout Jewish parents, older sister Reba, and his little brother Abiah.

Carmi's cousin Benoni is his best friend. The two spend time together whenever possible. Typical boys, the two find excitement in the two-day travel by foot to Jerusalem for the various feasts at the temple and in the camel caravans of Arab merchants, who come trading their goods.

Carmi of Judea presents valueable insights into Jewish homelife and worship just prior to the events recorded in the New Testament.

206 pages. Hardcover. Rod and Staff Publishers.