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  The Drunkard's Children Mrs. M.J.P.S.  


[The Drunkard's Children] Very hard indeed are the days following the death of Marcia and Ellen's mother. Daily they pray and ask the Lord to take care of them and to save their poor drinking father, whom they love dearly. The responsibility of finding food for them rests on Marcia, the older of the two girls.

Marcia entered the store, approached the counter, and said in a trembling voice, "Please, Mr. Greene, let me have a little flour or meal to make a cake for breakfast."

"I suppose you have the money to pay for it," said the man, looking sharply at her.

"But I have no money," said Marcia, while tears slowly gathered in her large, gray eyes.

"Well, ask your father for some. Tell him I saw him taking a walk last night in the moonlight, and I would advise him, for decency's sake, to stop drinking and take care of his children."

Poor little Marcia's heart gave a great bound at these cruel words, and she turned away in an agony of tears.

166 pages. Hardcover. Rod and Staff Publishers.