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  God's Detour Pauline Ressler  


[God's Detour] The unexpected surprise that the Steiner children receive after the school picnic on the last day of school, delights them and affects their entire summer schedule. From then on everything revolves around the anticipated event until -- but we will not tell you that part of the story now.

The summer flies by quickly, filled with all the activities that a family of six children can pack into it. Work, play, joy, sadness -- it all comes their way -- but the goal ahead makes each event only a stepping stone.

The privilege of having loving Christians parents who interpret life for them in the light of God's Word, a Christian school, and a Biblical church as the center of their setting in which to grow up, makes this book truly Christian reading for junior and intermediate age young people.

This story does not have a surprise ending exactly, but it surely does not end as either the characters or the readers expect it to.

240 pages. Hardcover. Rod and Staff Publishers.