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  God Is Good Series  


[The Egg and the Chick]   [God Made Us]   [God Made the Opossum]   [God Made the Firefly]
This series is designed to give constructive reading practice to pupils using the Bible Nurture and Reading Series.
  • 2248 The Egg and the Chick
  • 2249 The Squirrel and the Nut
  • 2251 God Makes Seeds That Grow
  • 2254 God Made the Animals
  • 2252 God Made Me
  • 2253 God Made Us
  • 2257 We Should Be Thankful
  • 2256 God Made the Opossum
  • 2255 God Made the Firefly
20-36 pages each. Paperback. Heavy paper covers. Rod and Staff Publishers.