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  Like a Child at Home Audrey Siegrist  


[Like a Child at Home] Life seems good for sixteen-year-old Linda Asbury. What more can a vibrant teenager wish for than lots of friends, good grades, and good times?

But deep inside, Linda hears the quiet whisperings of God's Spirit. What is life all about anyway? Why is she here? Where is she going? What is the purpose of life? Furthermore, why do so few people live the way Pastor Baker teaches Sunday after Sunday from the pulpit of her own church?

Working on a term paper about the Reformation opens a whole new scope of interest to Linda. Who were those fearless Anabaptists who willingly faced persecution and death rather than giving up their faith in God? Could Anabaptists still be found today?

Move with Linda and her family through many struggles and spiritual yearnings as they reach out for a holy church, one that lives what the Bible really teaches. Rejoice with them in the faithfulness of God, who leads them at last to a people who endeavor to live according to all the Word of God.

474 pages. Hardcover. Rod and Staff Publishers.

Published in 2006.

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