Garden of Grace

Mrs. Silas Bowman

This book of devotional and inspirational poems will comfort and touch your heart. In it, you will find a poem that will speak to most every need in your life.
This book contains ten different sections:
  • Garden of Grace
  • Life's Pilgrimage
  • My God Is a Fortress
  • Pointing to Christ
  • Search for Wisdom
  • In the Service of the King
  • A Word to Busy Mothers
  • Bring Him Praise
  • Solace in Sorrow
  • Just for Today
  • All the poems glorify and exalt God and His faithfulness. They will give courage and comfort to the faint-hearted, and will challenge even the most stable and settled pilgrim to an closer walk with the Saviour.

    For those who find poems inspirational reading, this book will be one you pick up often. Others will find in it just the poem to fit some special occasion, while to others it will give just the right words to share with a friend who has a particular need.

    That this volume may glorify God is the writer's prayer.

    142 pages -- hardcover
    Dimensions: 5.6" x 8.5"
    Copyright: 2004
    Rod and Staff Publishers
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