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  Preparing Children for School and Life  


[Preparing Children for School and Life] In nineteen chapters, twelve writers urge parents to nurture and prepare their children for mature participation and effective use in God's kingdom -- "lively stones" equipped to fight the good fight of faith in their mature years, and to meet the challenges of life on this earth in these last and evil days.

The time to give this training is day by day from infancy. Here parents will find goals, and directions for meeting those goals.

Among the subjects treated

  • diligence
  • obedience
  • facing responsibility
  • a healthy independence
  • a well-disciplined child
  • responsible decision-making
  • well-adjusted social behavior
  • proper economic values
  • a Scriptural attitude toward oneself
  • facing life properly
  • the influence of the church on the child

A valuable resource and inspirational book for serious Christian parents.

111 pages. Paperback. Rod and Staff Publishers.