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  Introduction to Mennonite Doctrine and Practice David Null  


[Introduction to Mennonite Doctrine and Practice] In many churches today, a number of clear Bible teachings are being neglected. Salvation is often preached, which is good, but instruction on how to live the Christian life is lacking. God's Word gives principles for godly conduct in society, for order in the Christian home, and for the organization, structure, and purity of the church. Every Christian must take Bible directives and put them into daily practice.

This book is designed to acquaint you with the beliefs and practices of conservative Mennonite churches that set them apart from most other Christian churches. Sometimes called "Mennonite doctrines," these distinctive beliefs and practices are based on specific teachings in the Bible, not on the ideas of an individual or on extra-Biblical writings.

90 pages. Paperback. Rod and Staff Publishers.

Published in 2004.