Do You Know the Answer?

Martha Fisher

A Bible quiz is a practical and enjoyable means to help children and youth learn Bible facts. A Bible quiz helps to pass time in an interesting and educational way when traveling or when spending rainy evenings at home. It can be an interesting pastime for the sick or convalescent.

Choose from a variety of methods: (1) answer by turn, (2) see who can answer first, or (3) work in teams.

Some categories have two parts. The first part consists of questions. In the second part, each question has five clues. If no one answers the first clue, continue with the next clues, one at a time. Each clue makes the answer more obvious. If no one has the answer by the fourth clue, give the fifth clue (a Bible reference which gives the answer). When the reference is given, seeing who can find the reference first may also be considered a speed drill for learning to turn quickly to the references. The first one to find the reference will then read the verse.

This is an ideal book to help children and youth test their Bible knowledge. There are quizzes about Bible animals, people, miracles, numbers, occupations, places, and more.

Quizzes may be used for individual or group activities. It may be used in the church, school, or home.

Answer keys are included for each quiz.

143 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.25"
ISBN: 0739923986
ISBN: 9780739923986
Copyright: 2007
Rod and Staff Publishers
[Do You Know the Answer? (by Martha Fisher)]

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