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  Year of Doubt Joyce Good  


[Year of Doubt] A new school! A new community! A new church! Will the girls here even like her? The changes in her life seem like more than fourteen-year-old Lois Ann Owen can cope with.

The prospects for acceptance and success would seem more likely to Lois Ann if her family were not so large -- seven children! And things were so shabby -- if only they had more money and could fix things up.

When the obviously rich Hilda bitterly opposes Lois Ann's appearance at Green Hill School, and fears continually stalk Lois Ann because of Mother's poor health, three enemies -- anxiety, frustration, defeat -- seem to be her nearly constant companions. How Lois Ann longs to be free from them, yet she resists the help that her loving parents try to give her. Learn with her how to cope with these enemies.

272 pages. Hardcover. Rod and Staff Publishers.