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  I Was a Preemie Emily Martin  


[I Was a Preemie] "Oh, dear little one, you are so very tiny," Daddy marveled. He curled my hand around his little finger. My hand was too tiny to even reach around it!

Even before the baby was born, she was given only a 50/50 chance of survival. When she arrived, she was so very tiny and fragile. Could she possibly survive? And if she did, would she be "normal"? These and many other disturbing questions swirled through the minds of Jill's parents and family while Jill lay, tiny and still, hooked to tubes and monitors and a hissing ventilator. The family prayed and hoped and waited.

Told from Jill's perspective, this picture book helps children understand what being a "preemie" is about and shares the joy of one family's "little miracle" from God.

8" x 10" -- 58 pages. Paperback. Christian Light Publications.

Published in 2001.