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  The Present Day Tongues Movement Aaron M. Shank  


[The Present Day Tongues Movement] Is speaking in tongues the confirming evidence of the Holy Spirit within? Are you considering identifying with a group that rides high on emotional experience, and yet you wonder whether you should? The concerns and conclusions set forth in this booklet give the answers.

The answers do not find a basis in any present-day mysterious or miraculous experience, but rather on the divinely inspired, rightly divided, simply believed, and forever-settled-in-heaven Word of God.

Wrongly dividing the Scriptures, misapplying the Scriptures, and emphasizing partial truths of the Scriptures to the neglect or rejection of related truths are some of subtlest means of deception in these last days.

55 pages. Paperback. Rod and Staff Publishers.

The Cornerstone Series.

Published in 2003.