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  Always a Child Mrs. Cleon Martin  


[Always a Child] Meet the main characters in Always A Child.

There is first of all John, an ordinary twelve-year-old boy who finds out many things:

  • from his parents, who try to teach him what is best from day to day;

  • from his grandparents, who have a gift for sharing the wonders of God's creation;

  • from Uncle Elmer, who has the body of a man but the mind of a child;

  • and from his older brother Leroy, who is learning that there are things more important in life than the approval of his friends.
Read how John and Leroy learn to understand the words of Jesus in Matthew 18, where He says: "Except ye... become as little children..." and "Whosoever shall offend one of these little ones...."

149 pages. Paperback. Vineyard Publications.