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  I Couldn't Fight Lloy Kniss and others  


[I Couldn't Fight] This book tells the story of several young brethren who took their stand for Biblical nonresistance. Written in narrative form, these accounts bring to light attitudes of society toward the conscientious objector, and the opposition that often surfaces in times of war.

These stories rehearse difficult and trying experiences faced by real persons like you and me. The Biblical convictions of these young men would not allow them to accept military service in any form. Nonresistant families also faced pressures to purchase war bonds or salute the flag. These tests called for faith, sincerity, and self-discipline. Though at times they appeared stubborn, ignorant, or ridiculous, they stood true to their faith and convictions.

The common thread of God's faithfulness runs through these touching accounts. You will gain inspiration from the courage and commitment that kept them following the way of peace, even when that way brought ridicule and suffering.

These events touch more than forty years of important Mennonite history. The time span includes the two World Wars and the Korean War. One by one, the brethren who remember these years are passing from our midst. Their story must be told.

The progression of this book brings out the gradual considerations and adjustments provided by the government for the CO. While we appreciate these provisions, they present their own spiritual tests. What the future will hold, we do not know, but we find encouragement in these accounts. The young men in these stories could not fight!

150 pages. Paperback. Eastern Mennonite Publications.

Published in 2002.