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  Worth Dying For Nicholas Stoltzfus  


[Worth Dying For] A lone soldier came riding to the door of Perry's cabin. He summoned Perry outside, and gravely read the edict which had been passed.

Be it hereby known that every member of that false sect known as the Waldensian is commanded to appear before the burgomaster at_____, within three days of the reading of this edict; and shall there solemnly swear under oath that he will from henceforth and for the remainder of his life, regularly attend holy Mass, and will do all within his power to have his children also in attendance.

Any person who obstinately refuses to take this oath of allegiance to the holy mother church, be it known that his property, goods, and chattels will immediately be confiscated, and he and his house will be put to the sword, as is a fit death for all such heretics.

"Did you understand what I read?" asked the soldier.

"Yes," spoke Perry with bowed head, "I understood it."

At first the Waldensians could scarcely believe what they had heard. Surely, there must be a mistake. The only course left to them would be to flee to the mountains. This, in the dead of winter, would be tragedy.

This sobering story, based on facts from the past, reveals how persecution of the Waldensians affected the Perry Fleming family and their community. Their faithful, diligent, helpful, loving, and thankful lives drew people to the faith worth dying for.

Be challenged by Christian life and faith in the days of the early Waldensians whose beliefs and practices closely resembled those of the Anabaptists.

222 pages. Paperback. Ambassador Publishers.