Grade One

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Bible Nurture and Reader Series
Grade 1

The materials for grade 1 are planned to provide texts and workbooks for the pupil's basic needs in the first grade, with the exception of arithmetic and music. It correlates reading, phonics, language, spelling, and penmanship. The readers and workbooks are arranged in 5 units with 30 lessons in each unit, making a total of 150 lessons. Each lesson has five divisions: Reader, Reading Workbook, Phonics Workbook, Worksheet, and the optional Printing Practice. All of these divisions relate to one another in a given lesson, thus thoroughly acquainting the child with the lesson for each day.


Unit 1
Units 2,3
Units 4,5
  We Learn About God
We Learn More About God
We Learn About God's People
Reading Workbooks
The reading workbooks have two pages for each lesson. The exercises are closely associated to the corresponding lessons in the readers. These exercises include practice with the vocabulary words, practice in writing sentences, drills for developing comprehension skills, and seatwork in various forms.

Phonics Workbooks
The phonics workbooks have two pages for each lesson. The first unit teaches the basic single consonant sounds as well as the short and long vowel sounds. The following four units continue to teach and review letter sounds and their combinations, give practice with phonetic words, and provide seatwork in phonics.

Worksheets Workbook
The worksheets provide constructive seatwork and exercises in cutting, pasting, etc. There is generally one worksheet for each day, which is perforated for removal. In the first three units, the worksheets are closely associated with the reading lesson or the Bible memory verse. In the fourth unit are language worksheets; in the last unit a picture dictionary is made.

Teacher's Manuals
The teacher's manuals for Unit 1, Units 2 and 3, and Units 4 and 5 include instructions for both phonics and reading. (Brief directions are also given for the worksheets and printing practice.) There are general suggestions for teaching the various concepts as well as detailed procedures for teaching each lesson. The manuals include vocabulary and comprehension drills and reductions of the workbook pages, with the answers in red. By carefully following the directions, the inexperienced teacher can teach phonics with the satisfaction of knowing what to teach and how to present it effectively to the class.

Printing Practice
The printing books that accompany this series are optional. They are included in Grade 1 only, and it is appropriate to transfer to our penmanship series for the following grades. The Printing Practice teaches the formation of each letter as it is introduced for reading purposes. The Penmanship in Christian Writing Series (listed below) gives more emphasis on strokes. Letters are introduced according to similarity in strokes. We are giving our customers a choice. Either system could be used very effectively.


11101.3 Reader, Unit 1   $5.25
11102.3 Reader, Units 2,3   $9.50
11104.3 Reader, Units 4,5   $11.25

[We Learn About God]   [We Learn More About God]   [We Learn About God's People]

11111.3 Reading Workbook, Unit 1   $3.25
11112.3 Reading Workbook, Units 2,3   $4.50
11114.3 Reading Workbook, Units 4,5   $4.50

11151.3 Phonics Workbook, Unit 1   $3.95
11152.3 Phonics Workbook, Units 2,3   $4.75
11154.3 Phonics Workbook, Units 4,5   $4.75

11121.3 Worksheets, Unit 1   $3.25
11122.3 Worksheets, Units 2-4   $6.95
11125.3 Worksheets, Unit 5   $3.50

11131.3 Printing Practice, Unit 1   $4.25
11132.3 Printing Practice, Units 2,3   $4.95
11134.3 Printing Practice, Units 4,5   $4.95

11191.3 Teacher's Manual, Unit 1   $7.50
11192.3 Teacher's Manual, Units 2,3   $9.25
11194.3 Teacher's Manual Units 4,5   $9.25

Flash Cards

These flash cards are designed to be used with the Bible Nurture and Reader Series.

There are vocabulary word cards for each reading word introduced in the first two units of Grade 1.

The phrase cards include phrases from the reading lessons in the first two units of Grade 1. They help to develop quick recognition and smooth reading.

The phonics cards are divided into these ten sets:

  1. The Alphabet
  2. Consonant Sounds
  3. Vowel Sounds
  4. Combination Sounds
  5. Diagraphs
  6. Consonant Blends
  7. Diphthongs
  8. Letters With More Than One Sound
  9. Letter Sounds With Certain Letters
  10. Silent Letters

Flash Cards

11141 Vocabulary Words Flash Cards   $14.60
11142 Phrase Flash Cards   $17.80
11143 Phonics Flash Cards   $15.75

God Is Good Series

This series is designed to give constructive reading practice to pupils using the Bible Nurture and Reading Series.

The books use words pupils have learned to conquer with their phonics. Other new words are listed in a small glossary in each book.

Children should be able to read these books independently.

Instructions for the teacher are included in each book.

Heavy paper covers.

God Is Good Series

2248 The Egg and the Chick (Book 1)   $2.95
2249 The Squirrel and the Nut (Book 2)   $2.95
2251 God Makes Seeds That Grow (Book 3)   $2.95
2254 God Made the Animals (Book 4)   $2.95
2252 God Made Me (Book 5)   $2.95
2253 God Made Us (Book 6)   $2.95
2257 We Should Be Thankful (Book 7)   $2.95
2256 God Made the Opossum (Book 8)   $2.95
2255 God Made the Firefly (Book 9)   $2.95
2250 God Is Good Series   $23.50
(set of preceding titles)

Beginning readers will also enjoy the accomplishment of reading the little books in the Say-It-Again Series.

2390 Say-It-Again Series   $17.50
      Click here for more information about this series.

We Learn Letter Sounds

This phonics course of 30 lessons teaches basic letter sounds and blending of sounds into words.

It was first written to supplement the 1964 edition of the Bible Nurture and Reader Series and was then called Unit 0. The basic content is now included in the 1986 revised BNRS.

Each lesson has an advanced part to introduce digraphs, blends, silent letters, suffixes, and compound words. With a minimum of seatwork, this course is suitable for one-to-one teaching. Brief directions and picture labels appear in fine print at the bottom of the workbook pages.

The teacher's manual includes an inspirational reading for the teacher, detailed guidance for teaching the lessons, Bible memory verses, extra drill activities, and extension exercises that can be used to teach geography, Bible, English, or math.

Use of the Bible Nurture and Reader Series phonics flash cards (listed further above on this page) is woven into this course.

We Learn Letter Sounds

11020 Pupil's Workbook   $4.95
11090 Teacher's Manual   $7.95

Beginning Arithmetic
Grade 1
Third Edition (2011)

The basic concepts of this revised curriculum are much the same as in the previous version (2nd edition, 1991). However, this revision provides improved Bible tone, offers more variety in artwork, and gives more drill in some weak areas. Complete practice sheet sets are available for the revised curriculum, eliminating the need for extensive copying.

This course is designed to start at the beginning of the first grade and consists of 170 lessons bound in two workbook with one tear-out sheet for each lesson. No unit or chapter divisions are given. Money, measures, place value, fractions, and so forth are taught throughout the year while addition and subtraction facts are being drilled.

A small tablet of 72 speed drills provides timed practice of addition and subtractions facts. These drills begin at lesson 28 and continue through lesson 170. Speed drills are to be given every other day. Directions for using this tablet are on page 6 of the teacher's manual.

One hardcover teacher's manual covers the whole course. The preliminary information in the beginning should be thoroughly read so you understand exactly where you are going. This manual is essential for the course. Directions are given to guide the teacher in class time to assure that important concepts are taught and drilled. A reduced copy of the pupil's lesson is included with answers filled in.

Math (3rd Edition)

131213 Pupil's Workbook, Part 1   $6.95
131223 Pupil's Workbook, Part 2   $6.95
131613 Practice Sheets (954 pages in a cardboard box)   $16.50
131713 Speed Drills (144 pages)   $4.90
131913 Teacher's Manual   $20.95

13141 Flash Cards (208 cards)   $17.80

Please note: These flash cards are compatible with both the 2nd and 3rd editions.

Beginning Arithmetic
Grade 1
Second Edition

This course is designed to start at the beginning of first grade. 170 lessons are bound into 2 workbooks with 1 tear-out sheet for each lesson.

No unit or chapter divisions are given. Money, measures, place value, fractions, and so forth are taught throughout the year while addition and subtraction facts are being drilled.

A small tablet of 72 speed drills provides timed practice of addition and subtraction facts. Additional practice is provided by a set of 410 blacklines for teachers to copy as needed.

One hardcover teacher's manual covers the whole course. This manual is essential for this course. Directions are given to guide the teacher in class time to assure that important concepts are taught and drilled. A reduced copy of the pupil's lessons is included with answers filled in.

The 4" x 11" flash cards for this course include vertical addition and subtraction facts (through sums of ten) and other number exercises.

Math (2nd Edition)

13121.3 Pupil's Workbook, Part 1   $6.95
13122.3 Pupil's Workbook, Part 2   $6.95
13171.3 Speed Drills (144 pages)   $4.90
13161.3 Blacklines (410 pages)   $14.50
13191.3 Teacher's Manual   $15.95
13141 Flash Cards (208 cards)   $17.80

Sampling Science and Social Studies

Those who are looking for science and social studies for Grade 1 may want to use some of the Little Jewel Books and the God Is Good Series (the latter which is listed further above on this page). Although not prepared as curriculum, many of them contain a sampling of science and social studies concepts.

This free pamphlet gives suggestions to help teachers develop the concepts in these storybooks.

Science & Social Studies

7140 Sampling Science and Social Studies   free

Penmanship for Christian Writing
Grade 1

Grade 1 is composed of three 9" high x 11 3/4" wide workbooks with tear-out sheets. Altogether there are 150 lessons. The formation of large and small manuscript letters and numerals is taught in Grade 1.

The first workbook teaches the basic strokes used in the formation of manuscript letters and the formation of small letters and numerals. Letters and numerals formed by a similar stroke pattern are grouped together to facilitate easy learning. For example, by using lines that go across and lines that go down, pupils form the letters l, i, and t, and the numerals 1 and 4. Pupils combine letters they have learned to form words.

In the second workbook the capital letters are taught. More practice is given printing numerals and words. The third workbook concentrates on printing sentences. Attention is given to the spacing between words and to the proper formation of each letter and numeral.


15111 Pupil's Workbook, Units 1,2   $5.25
15113 Pupil's Workbook, Units 3,4   $5.25
15115 Pupil's Workbook, Unit 5   $5.25
15191 Teacher's Guide   $14.95
15121.1   1" Ruled Tablet   $2.50
15123.1   3/4" Ruled Tablet   $2.50

As noted and listed further above on this page, Printing Practice workbooks may be preferred as an option to the penmanship series for Grade 1.

Beginning in Music One

This book is a set of 32 perforated worksheets designed to teach two sets of musical characters: the shapes and kinds of notes.

The teacher's guide at the front of the booklet of worksheets suggests musical ideas on a weekly basis to help students develop a diatonic feeling.


18110 Pupil's Workbook   $3.50

Developing Motor Skills in Art

This course for grades 1 and 2 has 42 lessons including practice in coloring, cutting, folding, pasting, tracing, drawing, painting, and project making.

The teacher's manual is needed to explain how to use the student packet. It gives step-by-step instructions for each lesson as well as reductions of the student's sheets.

The student packet includes 31 sheets prepared for certain lessons to help reduce teacher preparation time. Each student will need a separate student packet. The teacher should also have a packet to do as samples beforehand. Extra packets will allow the teacher to demonstrate doing the project in class and provide spares for the times someone needs to start over.


19181 Grades 1,2 -- Student Packet   $4.25
19189 Grades 1,2 -- Teacher's Manual   $5.75
60111 Art With a Purpose Artpac 1   $7.95

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