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Little Jewel Books


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These books for children through age seven teach lessons that will influence them to love God. Each book contains an appealing story or story-poem. Illustrated with beautiful, full-page pictures on every page. Heavy, flexible, full-color covers.

One to eight lines of text per 6.5" x 8.5" pages. Paperback. Rod and Staff Publishers.

Price each: $2.95

[Las Flores de Noé -- Noah's Flowers]   [Snowball Goes to the Hospital]   [Let's Discover]   [God Made the Seashore]  

2801-1 Las Flores de Noe -- Noah's Flowers     [New!]
Carey Bauman -- This bilingual story set in Central America (with text in Spanish and English) tells of the challenges Noah must overcome to grow a beautiful bed of zinnias. 24 pages. ISBN: 9780739977699

2796 Snowball Goes to the Hospital
Katherine McCaulou -- 30 pages.

2799 Let's Discover
Linda Null -- 31 pages.

2790 God Made the Seashore
Sharon M. See -- 23 pages.

[God Gave Us Fathers and Mothers]   [Outside My Window]   [Talking With Hands]   [My Counting Nature Walk]

2785 God Gave Us Fathers and Mothers
Rebecca Newswanger -- 24 pages.

2793 Outside My Window
Samuel D. Coon -- 30 pages.

2802 Talking With Hands
Mabel Martin -- Beth learns how to relate to her deaf friend, Mae. She learns about communicating with sign language. This beautifully illustrated book will help young children relate properly to those with handicaps. 24 pages.

2798 My Counting Nature Walk
Margaret Rawson -- As Mother and daughter take a walk through their yard, they discuss the plants and animals they find. This well-illustrated book inspires an appreciation for God's gifts in nature and promotes a healthy parent-child relationship. 24 pages.

[God Controls the Storm]   [Learning My Numbers]   [My First ABC Book]   [A Boy to Help]

2783 God Controls the Storm
Carey Bauman -- A little girl from Guatemala learns about trusting in God as her family experiences a major tropical storm. Well written and illustrated. Has a special appeal for those interested in Latin American culture. 24 pages.

2800 Learning My Numbers
Linda Null -- This book has a little poem for each of the numbers from 1 through 12, and encourages children to consider the many blessings God gives us. 32 pages.

2787 My First ABC Book
Jessica Kauenhofen -- This book has an illustration with a short poem for each letter of the alphabet. 24 pages.

2782 A Boy to Help
Mary Joyce Zimmerman -- Five-year-old John learns the joy of giving up his own wishes and helping his parents in the little things he can do. Written in poetic form. 24 pages.

[Baking Day]   [Just Four]   [A Surprise for Tommy]   [Elsie Waits Patiently]

2772 Baking Day
Jemima Tamme -- Mother's faithful little helper helps to bake a cake and prepare a meal for their thankful family. 32 pages.

2779 Just Four
Mary Joyce Zimmerman -- Four-year-old Mary Ann wants to go to school like her older sister does, but learns to be content being just four and helping Mother at home. 32 pages.

2780 A Surprise for Tommy
Ella Grove -- A story poem of how the family helped cheer Tommy while he was recovering from a broken leg. 24 pages.

2778 Elsie Waits Patiently
Sheila Burkholder -- Elsie learns patience as she waits for her preschool books to arrive. After they arrive, she is thankful to God for helping her be patient. 32 pages.

[God's Happy Family]   [Little Jewel Bird]   [The Lost Milk Jar]   [Two Surprises]

2261 God's Happy Family
Edith Witmer -- Poetic verse about family activities. 24 pages.

2311 Little Jewel Bird
Lucy Conley -- The adventure of finding and caring for a baby hummingbird. 32 pages.

2327 The Lost Milk Jar
Lucy Conley -- The problem and solution on an errand of bringing home a jar of milk. 24 pages.

2453 Two Surprises
Lucy Conley -- Emy Lou surprises Mother and Mother surprises Emy Lou. 24 pages.

[God's Gifts]   [Helping Mother]   [This Is Mohan]   [Three Happy Days]

2260 God's Gifts
Mary M. Landis -- A list in rhyme of wonderful gifts from God. 24 pages.

2272 Helping Mother
Mary M. Landis -- Poetry about the things a child can do for Mother. 32 pages.

2437 This Is Mohan
Ella Grove -- A poetic visit with a little boy of India. 24 pages.

2438 Three Happy Days
Edith Witmer -- Three little poem stories. 24 pages.

[Anthony Gets Ready for Church]   [God's Wonderful Trees]   [God's Wonderful Water]   [My Thank You Book]

2119 Anthony Gets Ready for Church
Mary M. Landis -- A little boy's difficulties as he gets himself washed and dressed for church. 24 pages.

2527 God's Wonderful Trees
Mary M. Landis -- A story-poem about many wonderful benefits and gifts the Lord has given us in trees. 24 pages.

2263 God's Wonderful Water
Mary M. Landis -- Tells and shows the many forms, sources, and uses of God's gift of water. 24 pages.

2333 My Thank-You Book
Mary M. Landis -- Teaching children to be thankful for the many loving things their parents and others do for them. 24 pages.

[ABC Book of God's Creatures]   [Birthday Friend]   [My Blue Book of God's Different Things]   [My Green Book of God's Different Things]

2526 ABC Book of God's Creatures
Mary M. Landis -- An ABC book listing some of God's many creatures. 32 pages.

2136 Birthday Friend
Marla Martin -- Going to visit Widow Eva on her birthday. 32 pages.

2539 My Blue Book of God's Different Things
Mary M. Landis -- Poetry about the many different ways God's creatures eat, where they live, and what they do. 32 pages.

2529 My Green Book of God's Different Things
Mary M. Landis -- Poetry about the many different ways that God's creatures live and move. 32 pages.

[Berries, Berries, Berries]   [Learning Our Letters]   [Molly Helps Mother]   [The Twins' Picnic]

2537 Berries, Berries, Berries
Beverly S. Gordon -- The children plan eight tasty things to do with three kinds of berries that God created. 32 pages.

2580 Learning Our Letters
Rosene L. Burkholder -- An interesting rhyme with each letter makes the alphabet fun. 32 pages.

2538 Molly Helps Mother
Laura Clay -- God answers Molly's prayer that she may be helpful during Mother's illness. 24 pages.

2528 The Twins' Picnic
Mary M. Landis -- Stanley and Susie have their very own picnic. 24 pages.

[David's New Ball]   [Golden Deeds]   [Happy Helpers]   [Happy Seasons]

2551 David's New Ball
Janet Sensenig -- All things work out for good, even though David faces the loss of his new ball. 24 pages.

2552 Golden Deeds
Pauline Ressler -- James and his mother compile a "Good Deeds List" of things a boy his size can do. 24 pages.

2553 Happy Helpers
Ruth Ann Streicher -- Cheryl and Susan learn the meaning of "Many hands make light work." 24 pages.

2554 Happy Seasons
Michelle Beidler -- Join Kevin, David, and Rose for a poetic trip through their seasonal activities. 24 pages.

[Morning on the Farm]   [Why Do I Cry?]   [A Letter for Titus]   [A Truck and a Tricycle]

2788 Morning on the Farm
Ruth Ann Rudolph -- Attractive little poems about a number of farm animals ending with a poem of thankfulness for animals. 32 pages.

2789 Why Do I Cry?
Edith Witmer -- A list of things that make a child sad and how he may become happy by selfless actions. Written from a child's perspective. 24 pages.

2791 A Letter for Titus
Evelyn Hege -- Randy is happy with the fish Grandfather gives him. What happens when Randy's cousin Titus accidentally squirts some cleaning liquid into the fishbowl? Randy needs to learn to forgive even when it hurts. 24 pages.

2775 A Truck and a Tricycle
Evelyn Hege -- After a hard lesson, Samuel learns carefulness and consideration for others. 24 pages.

[Peter's Sailboat]   [God's Jewels]   [God Loves Me]   [God Gives Us Work]

2776 Peter's Sailboat
Ruth Ann Rudolph -- Written in captivating, poetic form. Peter thanks God for helping him find the boat he had made. 32 pages.

2771 God's Jewels
Mary Landis -- This book lists endearing things that babies do to help us see the blessings of these gifts from God. 24 pages.

2786 God Loves Me
Leona Zimmerman -- This book lists everyday blessings that we can perceive with our five senses and inspires appreciation for God as the giver of these gifts. 28 pages.

2773 God Gives Us Work
Sharon See -- Written in poetic style, this book lists chores each family member can do to glorify God. 32 pages.

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