Rod and Staff English Handbook

Bruce Good

Never does a day go by in which we do not use language. For most people in North America, the language is English. We recognize language and the ability to communicate as a gift from God.

Our welfare depends much upon our ability to communicate with God and man; serious problems can result from a lack of this vital communication. Even our communications within ourselves -- our thoughts -- are made up of words. Let us study to keep all our communications acceptable to God.

There are many areas in which we can make use of language after we have mastered it. in speaking to one another, we as Christians use words that edify and encourage. Good grammar helps us to put the right meaning into what we say. Letter writing is another area where we can be useful in cheering or encouraging others. Not everyone will write a book or contribute to a periodical, but where is the man who never reads one? So both he who writes and he who reads with understanding appreciate the gift of language. This leaves no room for slovenly grammar in God's plan for communication.

The English language has many variations in word meanings. The same word can be used as several different parts of speech. With all these irregularities, we can still detect a complete sentence, a subject, or a predicate. God has made our minds to grasp complete thoughts. We receive satisfaction when we have made our thoughts plain to others; conversely, we suffer when we cause misunderstanding.

Sometimes we are tempted to think that our grammar need not be precise. But remember that Bible truths are revealed with exactness. For instance, the two small commas in Luke 23:32 ("two other, malefactors, led with him") tell us that our Savior was free from wrong. The commas make the word malefactors an appositive to two others, whereas the absence of commas would denote that Christ was also a malefactor. Never underestimate the rules of grammar!

The sections on Christian writing are detailed because writers must know some specific things in order to convey a message effectively. May we look to God, who provided a plan for our salvation; and may our love for Him move us to write for His cause.

When one faces writing or speaking responsibilities, an easy-to-use reference book is a welcome tool. It is our intent that this handbook will be a helpful tool for many Christian writers and speakers in our day.

311 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 0739905430
ISBN: 9780739905432
Copyright: 2006
Rod and Staff Publishers
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