Typing for Christian Service


This new typing course is designed to provide Christian schools with an alternative to the selections usually found in typing courses. Lesson selections are a variety of Scripture passages, songs, poetry, articles, and upbuilding stories. Through the completion of this course, students will type all of the Book of Philippians.

This course is designed for the ninth- or tenth-grade level. It contains sixty lessons with every sixth lesson serving as a test. It is intended to provide two lessons per week for a one-year course, although it can be used over the course of two years with one lesson per week. It also contains extra-practice selections for the student whose typing skills need reinforcement or for the student who simply needs more material. Included in the extra practice are six sets of challenge exercises.

This course emphasizes accuracy before speed and teaches correct posture, touch-typing, and proficiency through practice. It is designed to proved keyboard mastery, but it does not teach secretarial skills.

Although this course is planned for the use of typewriters, it can also be used with computers. Learning to type on a typewriter is encouraged because mistakes cannot easily be corrected, thus encouraging accuracy and more-accurate grading. A student who learns to type on a typewriter finds it a simple matter to shift to a computer, whereas a student who learns to type on a computer generally feels handicapped when required to use a typewriter. The teacher's manual contains notes for the teacher whose classroom is provided with computers.

The pupil's book is so designed that the student can move through the course mostly on his own, though teacher involvement is strongly encouraged. Spiral-bound with hard covers, this book stands nicely on its own. 228 pages.

228 pages -- spiralbound hardcover
Dimensions: 8.25" x 10.75"
ISBN: 0739919008
ISBN: 9780739919002
Copyright: 2009
Rod and Staff Publishers

The softcover teacher's manual contains pointers for each lesson -- objectives, teaching notes, and grading forms -- as well as an outline of the course. 91 pages.

91 pages -- Paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 0739919016
ISBN: 9780739919019
Copyright: 2009
Rod and Staff Publishers
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