The Church -- My Delight Is in Her

Kenneth Witmer

This book expounds on Scriptures about the church, the bride of Christ. An ideal work to better understand the function and place of the church in the life of believers.

Someday Christ will take His bride home to be with Him forever. What a glorious future for the church of Jesus Christ!


  1. The Church, the Apple of God's Eye
  2. The Church, the Fullness of Jesus Christ
  3. The Church, Directed by the Spirit
  4. The Church: One Fold and One Shepherd
  5. The Church, Given Gifts by God
  6. The Church Holds the Keys of the Kingdom
  7. The Church -- Her Stars in Christ's Right Hand
  8. The Church, "Holy and Without Blemish"
  9. The Church "Shall Flow Together"
  10. The Church, Home, and School -- a Synergy
  11. The Church -- Her Sword Proceeds Out of His Mouth
  12. The Church, a City of Fishers
  13. The Church, Built With Lively Stones
  14. The Church, a Battlefield
  15. The Church, the Eternal Companion of Jesus Christ
397 pages -- hardcover
ISBN: 9780739923603
ISBN: 0739923609
Copyright: 2007
Rod and Staff Publishers
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