On Teaching Writing

Jennifer Crider

You want your students to write well, to express themselves on paper in a clear, organized, and interesting way. Such writing isn't automatic -- it is taught. And that brings a question: How do you teach writing? Where do you start?

This book can help you teach writing effectively. And though young writers and their writing will vary, every student can benefit from your writing classes.

Here are insights into the minds of young writers, encouragement and how-tos for teachers, what makes a good writing class, the four steps used by successful writers, suggestions for presenting written work, pointers for writing lessons, story starter ideas, and much more. On Teaching Writing is packed with useful tools.

133 pages -- spiral-bound paperback
Dimensions: 6.25" x 8.8"
ISBN: 9780878135905
Copyright: 2000
Christian Light Publications
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SUMMARY: On Teaching Writing by Jennifer Crider