The Christian's Social Responsibility

Isaac D. Martin

God created us social beings. We live in communities and are surrounded with souls who have needs. Besides the need for salvation through Jesus, every person needs the love of true friends. Many people also face times when they need a cup of cold water or a bowl of warm soup. The Christian's Social Responsibility challenges us to respond to needs in the brotherhood, in the community, and around the world. Being both practical and godly in our associations with others is not always easy, but God gives us directives in His Word. If we are serious about following Christ, we cannot ignore our responsibility to those around us.


Christians grapple with how to relate to the ungodly around them in a godly way. Jesus calls us to be the "salt of the earth" and the "light of the world" (Matthew 5:13, 14). How can we shine the brightest? How can we be the preserving element that Jesus wants us to be? We need God's Spirit within to guide and bless our contacts with the community. Even a proper interaction between brethren calls for wisdom, grace, and love.

Material wealth among Christians bring accountability. Does God approve of some of His children living in luxury and ease while many others suffer want? Can a Christian close his ears to the cry of the poor and be guiltless, even if that cry comes from the other side of the world? Does it matter to God if I invest many thousands of dollars in vehicles when I know of someone who does not have enough to eat? Is it acceptable to God for some of His children to pay high prices to buy and maintain fine houses, with large parklike yards, when some of their fellow Christians lack even the barest necessities of life? Will we be guiltless if we are so self-centered that we do not realize when our neighbor, or even our brother, has a need?

Jesus taught that we should respond to needs when others request our help. If others take advantage of us, we should not retaliate. We should love everyone, not just those from whom we can benefit. Living unselfishly is not natural. Only with God's help can we find practical ways to follow these teachings of Jesus. God promises to bless those who live by love rather than by greed.



  1. Defining the Terms
  2. Biblical Directives
  3. Biblical Examples
  4. Social Responsibility in the Brotherhood
  5. Present-day Opportunities and Pitfalls
  6. Missionaries and Social Responsibility
  7. What of Globalization?
87 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
ISBN: 9780739924211
Copyright: 2010
Rod and Staff Publishers
[The Christian's Social Responsibility (by Isaac D Martin)]

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