Sunshine Country

Kristina Roy

The boy Palko loves his rugged mountain home, and he enjoys serving old Pablo Juriga. But why is he living with and working for an old mountaineer who is neither his father nor his grandfather?

And what is on the other side of his mountain, where the sun seems to disappear every afternoon? Is it the rumored valley where the sun never goes down?

Go with Palko on his explorations to find answers. Thrill with him at the treasure that he does find on the other side of the mountain, a treasure that changes the lives of everyone it touches. Feel with him the beautiful moments when the mystery of his life unfolds and he finds real family.

This factually based story is set in the mountains of Czechoslovakia in the early 1900s. Allow the story's simple truth to lead you, with Palko and his acquaintances, to the Land where the sun truly never sets.

184 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.25"
ISBN: 073992401X
ISBN: 9780739924013
Copyright: 1967, 1984, 2007
Rod and Staff Publishers
[Sunshine Country (by Kristina Roy)]

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