The Hard-boiled Egg

Linda Mast

"I don't care for my potatoes mashed, and chicken gravy sticks in my throat. I would just like a hard-boiled egg, please," the lady said, after refusing the food mother had so carefully prepared.

Ungratefulness. Emma had never done anything as uncharitable as that. But...Emma didn't like lima beans. She didn't like noodles. And tuna casserole seemed to stick in her throat. Perhaps she was more like that lady than she cared to think.

Read about Emma, Leon, Charles, Treva, and many others in this collection of stories about twelve- to fifteen-year-olds. Learn with them about eavesdropping, confession, perseverance, honesty, Christian relationships, and much more. Each story teaches Biblical principles for a life that God can bless. Fifty-four interesting and well-written stories.

221 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.25"
ISBN: 0739924168
ISBN: 9780739924167
Copyright: 2010
Rod and Staff Publishers
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