Miller Family Series

Mildred Martin

The Miller Family Series consists of five story books and three workbooks.
Storytime With the Millers   $6.50
(ages 4-10) -- Ten character-building stories for preschool children. Each story teaches a positive moral lesson and begins with a Scripture verse for memory or discussion when the story is read.

Wisdom and the Millers   $6.75
(ages 6-12) -- Excellent devotional stories for primary and junior children. Each of the 25 stories is based on a proverb.

Missionary Stories With the Millers   $7.00
(all ages) -- Thrilling adventure stories based on actual happenings from the lives of real Christian missionaries. In these pages the missionaries meet witch doctors, disease, drought, hate-filled guerrillas, a Bible thief, and killer cats.

Prudence and the Millers   $7.00
(ages 7-14) -- Join the Miller children as they learn about health, safety, and courtesy.

School Days With the Millers   $7.00
(ages 7-14) -- Whether your children attend a church school or a homeschool, they will enjoy and learn from these true-to-life, character-building chapters. Read about Peter and the In-Thing (peer pressure), The Five-Dollar Glove (keeping agreements), My Heart Says Amen (death of a classmate), The Wrath of Man (God's power over an angry witch doctor) and many, many more!

Make and Do with the Millers   $4.50
Thirty activity pages provide hours of creativity and fun for young children. Each page is planned to accompany one story from the Miller Family Series, and develops the lesson or theme of the story.

Working with Wisdom   $5.00
(ages 8-12) -- This is a companion book for Wisdom and the Millers. Puzzles, short stories and simple exercises reinforce the character-building lessons from each chapter of Wisdom and the Millers.

Prudence and Your Health   $5.00
This workbook goes along with Prudence and the Millers. Join the Miller children as they learn about health, safety and courtesy -- from the Bible and from real-life experiences.

Character Companion for the Miller Family Series   $5.00
This companion workbook for the Miller Family Series storybooks is designed to help children apply the truth of God's Word to their lives.
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