A Strong Tower

Rebecca Martin

Five families toiled upward in the shadow of soaring peaks shining white against a sapphire sky. They were refugees. Robbed of their property and banished from their community, they had no homes...and very few friends.

Among the weary group was sixteen-year-old Anna Proust and her family. Since her mother's death, her father had become a Christian. He was the reason their family was whispered to be heretic and forced out of town. Anna's brother and grandmother trudged along, upset at Papa's decision and the ruin it brought upon them. Anna didn't know what to think. Sometimes she admired Papa and longed for the peace he had. Other times she was confused by swirling questions and frightened at their family's uncertain future.

The group climbed on. Eventually there loomed before them the towering walls of a castle. Would they find sanctuary there?

For Anna, this trek was not only a search for refuge, but a search for truth, peace, and a strong tower for her soul.

Set in the 1100s, this historical fiction describes the spirtual struggles and persecution of the Waldensians.

193 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 9780878136148
Copyright: 2004
Christian Light Publications


SUMMARY: A Strong Tower by Rebecca Martin