What the Bible Says About Child Training

J Richard Fugate

This refreshing and thoroughly Biblical study on child training comes at a time when "how to" books on the subject are flooding the market. Many of these books, even ones purporting to be Christian, promote secular and humanistic principles of child training.

The author spent many painstaking hours researching exactly what the Bible does say about child training. He studied the pertinent passages in depth. The book contains word studies on key terms that relate to child training such as train, chasten, child, rod, provoke, confess. The writer strongly emphasizes God's standard, the Bible, and the need for parents to set standards in harmony with God's standard.

Book divisions include chapters on the parent, the child, training your children, controlling your children, and teaching your children.

One of the best books written on child training!

280 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 0878139656
ISBN: 9780878139651
Copyright: 1980   (reprinted in 2005)
Christian Light Publications
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SUMMARY: What the Bible Says About Child Training by J Richard Fugate