Little Miriam of Galilee

Edith Martin

Through her window Miriam watched the bright yellow sun begin its climb into the blue dome of sky above Galilee. The quiet sea sparkled like a thousand diamonds. Beyond rose the rolling hills, and farther, the mountains. Tiny fishing boats sliced through the sparkles toward the harbor, their night of fishing done.

Miriam could hear her brother coaxing the goats to stand still, so that he could milk them. Mother was singing softly as she set out the morning meal. And Father, Nahum, and Grandmother were discussing the day's plans.

This was Miriam's home in Galilee, and everything was just right until later that day, when Father explained that they might have to leave their home.

Jachan had unfairly raised the taxes. Father had been depending on the wheat harvest to pay them. But with little rain, there was little wheat.

"Jehovah will provide," said Father.

Will He? Can we keep living in Galilee? Miriam wondered. It would take a miracle.

In a story rich with the life and culture on Bible times, you'll follow Miriam and her family, and learn that God did provide. There was a miracle -- but not what they had expected.

121 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.4" x 8.25"
ISBN: 9780878136247
Copyright: 2005
Christian Light Publications
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