Even Unto Death

John Christian Wenger

The Heroic Witness of the Sixteenth-Century Anabaptists

It has taken four centuries to correct the distorted portrait of the Anabaptists painted in Reformation times. They were sincerely seeking to obey God's will as they saw it, but both Roman Catholics and Protestants regarded them as heretics to be rooted out of the land.

This book interprets Anabaptists through their letters, tracts, books, confessions, and court testimonies. Appealing to these primary sources, it presents with understanding and compassion the story of these courageous people.

Beginning with the early days of the Swiss Reformation, J. C. Wenger relates the founding of Anabaptism and traces its rapid spread. Through the writings of its pastors and martyrs he reveals the depth and heroism of their faith. Through his discussion of Anabaptist doctrine, Wenger illustrates how the Anabaptists' beliefs forced them into direct conflict with prevailing mores, resulting in persecution. Anabaptist groups met bitter opposition, being hounded, tortured, and put to death.

The sufferings of the Anabaptists have borne rich fruits. Protestantism owes them a great debt of gratitude -- not only for their insights into the nature of Christianity but for their fearless persistence in the truth even unto death.

This book throws light on a little known facet of the Reformation. Its thorough scholarship and straightforward style make it helpful for church historians as well as for ministers and laymen interested in knowing the history of the people of God through the centuries.

129 pages -- paperback
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Copyright: 1961
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