A Song For Your Honor

Kay Evans

As Kay bent over Ron's face, snowflakes blew in through a crack in the tent and gathered on his eyelashes. She brushed them off. Ron's cheek felt as cold to her touch as the snow.

After each of her six children peered briefly at their daddy's face in the casket, the grieving family left the little tent and headed, shivering, toward the van, the snow crunching under their feet. Ron's death was only the beginning of their grief and trouble.

Ron and Kay had tried to instill in their children a reverence for God and His Word and to shield them from ungodly influences. Ron's parents felt their grandchildren were being warped and deeply resented Ron and Kay's decision to limit the children's contact with their grandparents. Tensions escalated.

When her in-laws filed charges, the desperate mother fled. How long could they stay hidden? Kay prayed for direction and asked for advice.

"Kay," a lawyer said firmly, "the time of decision has passed. You cannot go back."

With private investigators on their trail, the family fled the country.

With time, living among people of a very different language and culture became normal everyday life. Private investigators and troubles in the U.S. seemed very far away.

But one morning, a line of armed men in blue uniforms was seen hurrying up the trail toward their house. The terrified family was trapped. What could they do? What would God do?

This thrilling and inspiring account is the story of what God did.

461 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 9780878136278
Copyright: 2005
Christian Light Publications
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