Tears of the Rain

Ruth Ann Stelfox

The moving story of a missionary family struggling to help of the poorest people in the world -- the men, women, and children of war-torn Liberia. Vividly descriptive and poignantly honest, this story will have you laughing on one page and crying on the next.

For Wayne and Ruth Ann Stelfox, the wartorn city of Monrovia, Liberia, was a drastic change from rural Alberta, Canada. But they and their five children accepted the challenge of a two-year mission assignment in West Africa -- and found themselves immersed in a world of starving children, extreme poverty, disease, human sacrifice, witchcraft, and violence.

In the midst of this darkness, they found joy, love, lasting friendships, and hearts open to the light of God's love. They saw beauty in the scarred landscape around them, and the tears of heaven in the torrential Afican rains. As they worked to help change the lives of those around them, their own lives were changed, and the miracles they witnessed increased their awe of the God they had gone to Africa to serve.

In Tears of the Rain, Ruth Ann tells the heart-wrenching story of those two years, and of the lives that were touched and changed, including her own. Ruth Ann allowed her heart to be captured by the Liberians, and she opens her heart -- and theirs -- to us in this stirring, true story.

474 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 1885270607
ISBN: 9781885270603
Copyright: 2006
TGS International (Christian Aid Ministries)
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