Daily Truth for Godly Youth

Howard Bean

In Howard Bean's very readable style, this good devotional book points readers to Christ and calls them to become like Him in their everyday lives.

Inspirational and practical, it will bless both teens and adults with the captivating illustrations and challenging comments.

From the March 17 devotional:

A friend said to a young man, "I hear you are connected with a Bible society."

"I see," said the young man. "Well, in one way that report is true. I am a translator. It keeps me very busy."

"Really?" said the friend, "I didn't know you had the linguistic ability and educational background to be a Bible translator."

The young man replied, "I am busy translating the New Testament into my daily life."

Although you may know only one language and have little inclination or potential to translate the Bible into a foreign language, by God's grace and his Spirit, you can be a strong translator of the Bible into your daily life. The Bible: know it in your head; stow it in your heart; show it in your life.

This book helps readers with the "translation," beginning with the premise that the Bible is the Word of God, and Christians need exposure to benefit from it.

Daily exposure to truth, with daily response, results in growing godliness.

380 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 0878136401
ISBN: 9780878136407
Copyright: 2006
Christian Light Publications

[Daily Truth for Godly Youth (by Howard Bean)]

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