Joanna's Journey

Rebecca Martin

Mother clasped Joanna's hand and whispered in an awed sort of way, "We're off. We're on our way to Ohio!" The horses picked up speed, eager to follow the other teams. The big wagon swayed....

A journey from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to Fairfield County, Ohio, would take a matter of hours today. But for Joanna Huber and her family, moving to the western frontier in 1803, this would be a long trip full of danger and adventure. They start off with a Conestoga wagon drawn by four horses, but when they come to Pittsburgh they load everything onto a flatboat and float down the Ohio River. Indians...bears...and river pirates...there's lots of excitement in store!

And along the way, ten-year-old Joanna learns about the journey of faith, where God's love is the guiding light as we travel through life.

168 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.4" x 8.5"
ISBN: 1933753013
ISBN: 9781933753010
Copyright: 2006
Carlisle Press


SUMMARY: Joanna's Journey by Rebecca Martin