A Happy Life

William Hershberger

What makes a life happy? This practical guidebook explains some virtues and principles which are a part of the way to genuine happiness. In the quest for happiness, many mistakenly suppose that happiness and satisfaction are the result of indulgence of one's desires. Because of this, our society is obsessed with the pursuit of selfish interests, seeking satisfaction in earthly goods, luxurious living, amusements and entertainment, and sinful passions. But no real happiness is found.

True happiness and satisfaction do not spring from gratification of selfish desires, but from reconciliation with God. A life in which self is sacrificed on the altar of devotion and consecration to the will of God is a truly happy life.

140 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.4"
Reissued: 1996 (by arrangement with Herald Press)
Ambassador Publishers
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