Yes! God Still Speaks Today

compiled by Norma Plank

Throughout history many Christians have testified of God's faithfulness and loving care. But is God involved in the lives of His children today?

Yes! God Still Speaks Today is a compilation of true accounts that cry out, "Yes!"

  • A Chinese church prayed for Bibles. God heard.

  • A single sister desperately needed guidance. God supplied.

  • A widow faced a $3,500 dental bill. God met the need.

  • A discouraged mother struggled to find peace. God confirmed His love and care.

  • A malnourished Christian prisoner asked God for an egg. Morning light revealed an egg on his cell floor.

  • A minister leaving from a pastoral visit felt compelled to return and plead again with a lost man. The man was saved.

Yes! God Still Speaks Today will touch your heart and increase your faith in God, who loves and cares for you.

346 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 9780878136698
Copyright: 2009
Christian Light Publications
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SUMMARY: Yes! God Still Speaks Today by compiled by Norma Plank