Eternal Security

J. L. Stauffer

a Lighthouse Series booklet

What is meant by "eternal security"?

Some Christian teachers speak against it; others defend it. Those who hold it use the Bible to support it. Those who oppose it also do so with the Word of God. Is it a harmful or helpful doctrine? Will the acceptance of this teaching strengthen or weaken our conviction that we must practice all the teachings of the New Testament? Will it promote or hinder believers' appreciation of New Testament principles that are generally ignored by most professing Christians? Will sin look more hateful or less to the one who embraces this teaching?

Three steps in the eternal security doctrine:

  1. If a person is truly born again by the Spirit of God, he will not want to go out into sin. He is kept by God and is eternally secure.
  2. If a person is truly born again by the Spirit of God, he may go out into sin, but since he is born again, God will certainly bring him to repentance again before He allows him to die.
  3. If a person is truly born again by the Spirit of God, he is saved eternally, no matter how he lives and how he dies.

Christian people who are satisfied to abide by the Word of God will have very little criticism for the first step as stated above. The man who does not want to sin and trusts in the keeping power of Christ is certainly secure. The weakness in the first step is the fact that no conditions are admitted in connection with our keeping.

Biblical assurance is the right and heritage of every true believer in Jesus Christ. God intends that saved people should know that they are saved. The Gospel of John was written to show us how to be saved. The Epistle of John tells us how we may know we are saved.

Christian assurance rests upon the promises of God, but recognizes the conditions of God's keeping. Our salvation rests upon Christ alone. Our keeping rests upon Christ alone. In each instance, however, certain conditions are laid down that dare not be ignored. Christ saves from sin, not in sin. Christ keeps from sin, not in sin.

For your encouragement and peace, here are a few of the many precious Scriptures asserting Biblical assurance: 1 John 3:2,20,21; 2:1,17,24; Romans 8:16; Hebrews 7:25; John 1:12, 13; 1 John 5:13; Jude 20:24.

Please note: This is CLP's revision of John L. Stauffer's 1933 treatise The Eternal Security Teaching.

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