The Christian and the State

Lloyd Hartzler

a Lighthouse Series booklet

The Christian who determines to obey the New Testament faces various questions about his relationship to society and the state.

  • What is the nature and function of the state?
  • Should or can the state operate on the principles of New Testament ethics?
  • If not, what part may the Christian have in politics and the government?
  • Should the Christian vote in order to help put "good" men into office?

Some contrasts (in Romans 12 & 13) between the responsibilities of the Christian and the responsibilities of the State:

The Christian The State
Is to love (12:9,10)
Is not to avenge (12:19)
Is to overcome evil with good (12:21)
Is a terror to evil (13:3)
Is a revenger (13:4)
Executes wrath on evildoers (13:4)
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SUMMARY: The Christian and the State by Lloyd Hartzler