On the Winning Side

Katrina Hoover

When churches try to help community children, many resort to vacation Bible school. But two weeks seem like a very short time. Can it make a difference?

Challenging students, discouragement, exhaustion, sacrifice -- Is it worth the effort?

Micah and his sister Morgan volunteer to take on the challenge of an urban vacation Bible school. Making a difference won't be easy. Cart-wheeling Dia, who counts on fame to bring her happiness; Jasper, the wrestling fanatic, whose dad comes home drunk; and silent Amber, whose mom is in jail, will each require special attention. And it's no wonder. These young teachers have looked into the eyes of despairing parents and into the hearts of neglected homes. The neighborhood seems to be Satan's territory. What started as a project to help strangers becomes a battle for souls with eternal consequences.

In spite of exhaustion, headaches, and lost pay, Micah and Morgan fight hard to gain ground for Christ. But is it possible to score points for Christ in just two weeks? Will their church support their vision of a full-time children's ministry?

This fast-paced story is based on true accounts, yet it reflects every neighborhood with empty faces and broken homes. As you watch Micah and Morgan face challenges that tempt them to despair, you will find a story that could be yours. Their victories could be your story too.

Micah and Morgan's story shows once again that, in spite of Satan's attacks, God's side is the winning side.

95 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 9780878136803
Copyright: 2010
Christian Light Publications
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SUMMARY: On the Winning Side by Katrina Hoover