Hidden Riches

Romaine Stauffer

"No. I am not going to get well," Father said haltingly, with a note of resignation in his voice. "It seems the Lord wants me to live with Him instead of in Pennsylvania. If that is His will, I am content that it be so. But the children, Elizabeth. They must get to Pennsylvania. They will never be free to be nonresistant Swissers here in Germany. If you promise to take them, even though I cannot go with you, I can die in peace. Will you promise?"

Many of us do not know the names of our ancestors who braved the Atlantic to come to North America. We forget the persecution and suffering of our forefathers and how they risked their lives to reach the freedom we enjoy. Many of these brave immigrants' descendants no longer value their heritage or resist the world's temptations. When we take for granted the freedom they risked their lives to find, we risk becoming comfortable and lazy in our faith.

Hidden Riches puts a face on history through Christian Burkholder, a real person. The story of Christian and his family migrating to Pennsylvania from Germany will help you to comprehend the sacrifice of our forefathers who came to America in search of religious freedom and to appreciate more deeply the faith and freedom we enjoy.

143 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 9780878136810
Copyright: 1983
Revision: 2010 (Sixth Printing)
Christian Light Publications
[Hidden Riches (by Romaine Stauffer)]

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