Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family

Gary Miller

A call to Biblical stewardship in everyday life

Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family is easy to understand and enjoyable to read; it is Kingdom teaching for a Kingdom-focused people. With its common sense approach to personal finances and an emphasis on glorifying God, this book guides us in becoming stewards instead of owners.

The author of Kingdom-Focused Finances first helps the reader find himself in the morass of a deceptively affluent America. Then he walks the reader through steps of obedience to Jesus' Kingdom commands, clearly flagging the economic dangers that lurk to deceive. The many stories and analogies help to clear up much confusion about a widely misunderstood subject and make the book easy and enjoyable to read. The serious Christian will find himself well-informed and amply equipped to obey Jesus and experience the powerful freedom of Kingdom economics.

From the Introduction

In a self-centered society drowning in materialism, the call today is for families to stand up, renounce the god of mammon, and commit every part of their lives, including their finances, to the Lord Jesus. The call is to radically proclaim, by their financial choices, that this world is not their home.

I want to begin this book with a word of hope. You may be deeply in debt because of poor decisions you made. You may have credit card debt, car loans, loans from parents, and a large home mortgage. This book is not intended to shame you for past mistakes. All of us have made many financial mistakes. All of us!

But be encouraged! There is a path of recovery from your present situation. It may not be painless or fun, but if you are serious about turning this area of your life over to the Lord, there is hope. Many Christians, after accumulating staggering amounts of debt, have been able to recover and live productive, debt-free lives with their finances free to bless others. May the Lord bless you as you recommit this area of your life to Him!

240 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 9781936208081
Copyright: 2010
TGS International (Christian Aid Ministries)
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SUMMARY: Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family by Gary Miller