Distinctive Beliefs of the Anabaptists

David G. Burkholder

This book explains the forces that created Anabaptism and produced their identity. The Bible truths they lived and died for are still relevant for those who live and die by them today.


The Anabaptist movement was born in the ferment of the sixteenth-century Reformation. In this period of time, a number of religious denominations emerged with diverse beliefs and practices. The Anabaptists (rebaptizers) were considered radical in their interpretation and application of the Scriptures. Their distinctive beliefs clashed with the teachings of the reformers such as Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, and John Calvin.

From its beginning in 1525, the Anabaptist Movement was plagued with false brethren who embraced unsound teaching. The Schleitheim Confession, written in 1527 with Michael Sattler as the main author, was formulated to set up pillars of truth and a defense against the doctrines of false brethren with antinomian tendencies. In this respect, the true evangelical Anabaptists held to beliefs that were different from some other nominal Anabaptist groups.

Today, nearly five hundred years later, the faithful spiritual descendents of the early Anabaptists still embrace the the same distinctive Bible doctrines. While the Mennonite Church at large has gone down the road of worldliness and religious apostasy, a remnant is still embracing and practicing the true evangelical faith. Although times have changed, the principles of God's Word remain the same.

This short treatise is not intended to record the full history of the Anabaptist Movement. This story can be found in larger works such as Martyrs Mirror, Mennonites in Europe and Cup and Cross. It is rather designed as a quick reference for youth and for those who are seeking information about Mennonite origins and beliefs.

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SUMMARY: Distinctive Beliefs of the Anabaptists by David G Burkholder